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  1. It could be nice ! If somebody can save it on his computer ! EDIT Do you have any idea of where I can ask for somebody to record it ? I post a topic on Warez-BB, but I don't really know other site... THanks
  2. Hello ! I was wondering myself yesterday : what Ready Rock C did since DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince ? What he did the last 15-20 years ? I can't find it ! And we are talking about that, do you have anything about the other members of Will's first rap group (The Hypnotic 3), Eric Harvey (DJ GROOVE), Marc Forrest (LORD SUPREME) and Jamie (JAMIE FRESH) ? Did they had a career ??? Thanks ! PS : about Ready Rock C, do you know anything about how him and Will are today ? How WIll see RRC, how RRC see Will ? Maybe Will did an apologize, or RRC finally forgive Will , because he was angry ? Thanks again !
  3. When I didn't knew the words, I thought she was dead, because of all the screams at the end. But I read the lyrics, and I don't think she's dead. The screams and everything are strange, but I don't think she's dead.
  4. wow they are still in Beijing ? It was for 2 and a half month or 2 and a half years :laugh:
  5. no, impossible for Maud ! Too religious !! Plus... she's dead ! lol
  6. Higher Baby Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  7. They are cute ! So young, but already in the business !!! PS : yes, now, Jada's facebook is working ! It was just to make a fool of me :( :laugh:
  8. Jada's facebook is not working since a few days :(
  9. lol He looks so happy in the second pic ! This is really nice, this guy is in business since 30 years, he travels every day, from LA to Atlanta to Chicago to Philly (...), working every day since years, and just to go at Disney World, he is like a kid ! It's wonderful !
  10. " Wow...I only saw this on TV...this looks like a postcard...pls do n see all u can...life is too short "
  11. ... Disney World ! On Jeff's Twitter : " playn at the bacardi event in orlando..2morrow i'm going to disney world...i never been...wow...i have 2 take a pic wit mickey n gettin ears " " Ok...I'm at disney world waitin for the tram...I'm hyped like I'm 10 years old " And... here it is: lol
  12. Not the kind of update I'm waiting for But it's a nice (but known) pic !
  13. "playn at the bacardi event in orlando..2morrow i'm going to disney world...i never been...wow...i have 2 take a pic wit mickey n gettin ears" :laugh: :laugh: :pound:
  14. Yes that's true, he looks so big and Jada so tiny !
  15. Same thing for me ! Waiting foir the right prices on website like eBay ! But I just want to buy brand new product ! Not occasion ! And you can find really really great things ! For example, brand new I Am Legend DVDs (collector edition) for just 12,29€!! ($18)
  16. I had the occasion to buy the five for less than 10€ on eBay, but I missed it...
  17. Yes, kinda shocking :laugh: It look strange next to Karyn Parson !
  18. Thanks, I love this kind of pics !
  19. Thanks man ! I couldn't thank you before, now I can, and I do !
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