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  1. Wow Jaden is already a lady-killer lol
  2. the pics are really beatiful ! the most beautiful we have since they're in China !
  3. Thanks for this ! Amazing pics !
  4. 121 ! From France so english... I'm not really good in logicial things with numbers,... !
  5. Still nothing on Arte's website. Two options : - they will never put that online - they are waiting for the last broadcast to put online (the last is around the first of september)
  6. ah ok, I tought it was sooner ! So they come back around the 15-20 of september. PS : when is the start of the new school year in USA ? Cause in France, it's around 2-5 of september, so if it's the same, Jaden will be late :laugh: :laugh:
  7. When will they come home ? I think it's quite soon, because it was 2 months and a half, and it was, I think, around 22-25 of june ?
  8. Hello ! If you can see the television channel Arte (I don't know which country can see it, France and Germany, but for the others ?), there was yesterday, and it is programmed again for a few times, a documentary on rap, breackdance & graffiti during the 80's. It is interesting, you can see the evolution of these arts from 1980 to 1989. With a lot of interviews and things about Afrika Babaataa, Kurtis Blow, Dee Nasty,... I would be happy to post it in DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince part of the forum, but I couldn't : Arte's website annonced that the documentary was about many people including Will Smith, but they talked about him for 30-35 seconds (50 minutes documentary)... A big disappointment. Plus, they say that Will is "now (in the 80's) an idol for youths thanks to The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air". How could he be an idol thanks to FPOBA in the 80's, FPOBA started in 1990 ! It shows that in Europe (at least, in France and maybe Germany), Will started to be a celebrity in 1990, with FPOBA. Nobody knows what he did before. So if you can see it (most of the speaking are in english, but a french voice translate), maybe you will find it interesting ! PS : maybe the full show will be on Arte's website, I will post the link if it happens.
  9. I hope this website is coming with a big news, like S5 & 6 are gonna be realeased in DVD...
  10. A new video from China (this is probable not the most beautiful landscape from China lol) http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1185838800511&ref=mf
  11. 2 versions of Miami Music Video, and a news : FreshPrince.com coming soon !!
  12. Yes, maybe... one day ! When will they come back from China ? I guess it is in 20-25 days, isn't it ? We will have a lot of things on facebook !
  13. I think you don't understand my question (I think I didn't ask it very well !!!) My question is, what song is the most successfull for Will in his whole career ? If we look at JJFP's career, Summertime is probable the most successfull, the one that peple remember, THE song of JJFP. And what about Will's whole music career ? Does Men In Black, or Gettin' Jiggy WIt It most successfull than Summertime ? An other ?
  14. Yes, for the album, but the song ? Cause we know Summertime is the best success of JJFP, the most known,... But in his whole career ?
  15. Hello ! I think Summertime is DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's biggest success. But in is whole music career, what is Will's biggest success ? I mean, 'officially'. Summertime ? Men In Black ? I think it's Summertime too, but what do you think ?
  16. Really? Even with all the little graphics? Good job! The pictures are made with Paint Shop Pro / Photoshop ! The most difficult was the idea of "what picture can reprensent this sentence"
  17. This is a nice interview, I really like when Will is on Letterman
  18. Windows Movie Maker. Not a professionnal soft, but easy to use !
  19. Hello ! I don't know why, but since I heard the skit of "Go See The Doctor" (The Return Of The Magnificent), I want to make like a music videoforf the phone call between Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith. Finally, I started to do it, and I finished it, after hours of work ! Here is the clip : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eb_5MxCuc3w I just hope there will be no time-lag, because this is a problem I often have when I make a video.
  20. I saw two different wax model's pictures of Will, and I think both stinks ! :D Of course we can recognize him, but it is not really good
  21. Maybe his nephew do it ! 5 news pics, not HQ pics :D but it's nice to have some things from China !
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