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  1. I mean, fans will buy it (it's enough for us, but maybe not for Will, Jeff and everybody concerned), but maybe this king of rap won't be buy by other people
  2. Yeah, it depends on where you from. In USA, I'm not surprised hip-hop is comon and "accepted". In France, less people listen to rap, and people who don't listen are like "Rap is sh!t, , lyrics are sh!t,..."
  3. You don't have to apologize for a long absence! I'de like too to see Will & Jeff make a last old school album. But I'm not sure it will work
  4. I just noticed something in the interview : "Don't do to me what you did to Arsenio" What Will did to Arsenio ? Thanks !
  5. Hello ! The openning theme of FPOBA on GTA IV !
  6. Love that Jaden's haircut :laugh:
  7. :laugh: she doesn't seems very comfy with WS's albums Thanks !
  8. Thanks. Name changed, isn't it ?
  9. Can you still go on Jada"s Facebook ? Doesn't work for me !
  10. Nothing is working for me :(
  11. Yes, maybe we can create something like "Will Smith kids" to talk about Willow & Jaden !
  12. Nice interview and nice pics !
  13. yes, there are, but I think that the sells have been better if they have released it sooner. There are too many TV show today to let old stuff like this interested young people. Some still works, but it's not easy. But the fact is, they started, now they have to finish !
  14. Bad sells ! They released the DVDs more than 10 years after ! It seems to be obvious that people don't buy DVDs ten years after ! Just big fans buy it ! They did the first mistake ! And I don't think it is a reason for not release season 5 and 6 : they started, now they have to finish ! I told you, I think we'll never see it...
  15. Happy birthday to the next Jacky Chan :laugh: :laugh:
  16. I really don't like it, but I really don't like that kind of music. I prefer what she does on 1000 Kisses :D :D
  17. This is unbelievable, days after days, subtitle for Hawthorne are released. We god spanish, portuguese, italian, polish and russian... And the english ?!?
  18. Why should he do a 45 minutes video to say "hello this is my page" ??? I can't believe there is always someone to say "this is not good" I prefer see a 21 seconds video on his official page than nothing like a few days ago
  19. And the first one : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7xKvgggcig
  20. I think it is just because... he wanted to !
  21. I still can't believe he got his own Facebook page... (I need a real little thing to be happy, isn't it ?!) But, as he is going to China, maybe it will be not very updated (??!!)
  22. This is just the beggining ! He can't make a 45 minutes video just to say "Hello, this is my official facebook" :laugh: :laugh: I prefer see a 21 seconds video on his official facebook better than nothing on a page that don't exists :laugh:
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