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  1. Will Smith - Wave Em Off Sinik - S.I.N.I.K. Mikaze Sinik - 4 4 2 Sinik - Gladiateur
  2. No vote for Six Degrees :D I still don't know why, but I LOVED this movie ! Nothing for The Pursuit Of Happyness :shocked: what a surprised !
  3. Ok thanks ! Could be great for amazon, but if I well remember, the US amazon don't sell in Europe
  4. excuse my ignorance, but what is "black friday" ?
  5. Happy Thanksgivin, even if we don't know that in France :D
  6. I'm interested too in the Making Of So Fresh
  7. Thanks for this ! Too bad it's so small, but nice !
  8. Maybe we will have some updates of their facebook's !
  9. This is amazing how much death rumors there are on celebrities. I don't what to win people whom start these rumors have. This is so stupid.
  10. Thx ! Finally, it worked on Youtube (1st post) !
  11. Hello ! I watched Shark Tale a few days ago, and I discovered that Will was on a song of the movie (yeah, I know, I'm late :laugh: ). And I've decided to make a music video for this song. For the moment, I can't put it on Youtube (I don't know why, at the end of the upload, Youtube tells me that it was interrupt ), so, for the moment, it's on mediafire. "Got To Be Real" Music Video - Mary J Blige ft Will Smith (Download the original) EDIT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag0SfQ0sOw8
  12. what is the relation with Jeff's twitter ??
  13. The problem is he is 34 and he absolutely wants to be in the starting five. He is 6 ft 0 in and he absolutely wants to be shooting guard. I think it was quite good for him at Grizzlies. Could have been 6th player, Conley or Mayo back up. Not bad at his age. Could have bring his experience to this young team. But his ego is too big. He ruined his last few years.
  14. A video I've found on internet, a tribute to Jam Master Jay. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_Lb2nXJdPM Hope it has not been post before !
  15. Will Smith was at Breakfast at the beginning of 2009, to talk about Seven Pounds (notably). http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8uqf4_breakfast-will-smith-150109_news (sorry, I don't think I can post directly a video from Dailymotion)
  16. I read two books, and here is my opinion. Just The Facts Biographies - Will Smith by Matt Doeden This is a really nice book ! Very complete, well explained, a full of details. The pictures are really nice too. The global presentation is very good. Each step of Will's life is explained in detail, each movie, each album. In short, this is a really good book ! Hip-Hop - Will Smith by Jim Corrigan I read this one after the other, and maybe it was a mistake. The pictures are really good, really nice (I think it is a little bit better than the other book, which is really good). Problems are in texts. The presentation is superb. But the contain of texts is not really good. The chronology used is really weird. Sometimes, they talk about something, and it's like they need to finish the hole story, even if the end of the story is in a few years. For example, when they talk about 1998. They say that Will & Jada got a son, and then, they say "and two years later, they got a girl, Willow". And then, they talk about music and movies from 1998. A lot of things are like that. Chrnology is not really good. I noticed a big mistake : Their debut album Rock the House, arrived in music stores, in early 1987. It contained the single "Parents Just Don't Understand", a song that would proper DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince to stardom. There is not a lot of detail. Or, I must say, it's not egal. Sometimes there is details, sometimes there is just one line, nothing more (for example, they just say that he made two movies, Men In Black II and Bad Boys II. And this is it for the two movies). SOmetimes, there is some details, but it's like they don't know how to write it and how to come to it. So there is a sentence, and when we read it, it's quite weird. There is a good point in the Internet Resources : www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com The unofficial Web site of DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. It contains a wealth of information about the hip-hop duo and their respective solo careers. :D I will not tell you "don't buy this book", this is not a bad book (maybe the things I wrote can give this impression) but if you can buy just one, I'll tell you "buy the other" !
  17. I have a question a question about a word Jeff use a lot of times on his twitter : "ish". I guess it's an internet abreviation, but what does it means ? Example : "I got some crazy vintage ish...good lookin out..." "For all my Music Heads..Stay Tuned in 2010 for the Jeff/Ayah Experience...Album/Videos...this ish is incredible" "Man...this going to the airport 3am ish is not cool...its dark n windy..." Thank you !!
  18. It's impossible to tell THE ONE I prefer ! I'm not a big fan of TV Shows, so here are the ones I love : - The Simpsons - The Shield - Malcolm In The Middle - Alf - The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air And I like My Wife And Kids and 8 Simple Rules :) As you can see, only funnyc shows, excepted The Shield
  19. A world tour, ok, but with a giant DVD just after ! :D
  20. I think Will really want it. He would not say to Jeff that he want, if he not.
  21. I love the way he seems to have fun !! Just to see him in this show, or to read his twitter. He have fun, pure fun, and this is great to see !
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