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  1. Yes, I guess, nobody can be sure ! But I was almost sure that somebody would post it somewhere. I was not sure, but I thought there was a lot of chances. Then I searched for Catch 21 torrent on the web and... nothing. After that, I was a little bit worried. If nobody upload it , why somebody would upload this show ? Maybe because there is FPOBA reunion. But... And still nothing. I really hope somebody will upload it somewhere.
  2. Still nothing about the full show :( That's what I was worried about... And that's why I wanted to ask to somebody to record it on many forums
  3. For me this is not a hope, this is the contrary ! Will took a few months off. So, now, he wil probably do a series of movie ! Like 1 per year, for maybe 4-5 years, or more ! This is why I'm a little bit worried !
  4. I didn't know Jeff have a wife ! She's on the picture ?? Looks like a good party (with Jeff, it's always!)
  5. Hello ! It was november the 6th of 2009, DJ Jazzy Jeff was at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to present DJ Hero ! Here is a compilation of every things Jeff did in the show ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCM2U2uRMhE If you want to download the original (HQ) If you want to download the full show in HQ (big thanks to tofuwizard) Part1 on Rapishare Part2 on Rapishare
  6. I wish I could share the full show :( :D PS : I just realise that this is not Alfonso RIbeiro to ask the questions... too bad
  7. I found some pieces of the shoiw here : http://hollywoodjunket.com/blog/?tag=james-avery But there is not the full show... If someone got it
  8. A new pic : The only update since a month and a half :(
  9. Wow, I didn't watched the interview before I posted it, but it's a really dope interview ! Everything is interesting ! The end is more interesting, we know that they really really want a JJFP reunion, but it's just that they can't for the moment. But the fact is they really really want to, and they talk about it ! It's a good news ! I remember Will saying a few years ago that music is an obsession. He can wake up in the night and write some lyrics, even if he don't want to make an album. So for him, music is stronger than anything. There is no other way, he will do an other alum (hooopppe...) The only thing that scares me a little is that Will just took a few months off. So now, he will do some movies for some years. And I think he need a couple of months off to do an album, he will not do an album while doing a movie.
  10. A Jeff interview : from http://djhero.com/lounge/blog/
  11. Hello ! I didn't found it on the board, and as I don't think it was ever released on the stores, I think I can post a download link ! Here is a live with Mad Skillz, in 2007. I found it and listenned to it yesterday, I think it's really dope ! DJ Jazzy Jeff - Live In The Mix ft Mad Skillz (2007)
  12. haha yeah everyone went mad when it changed, could u imagine if we still had the same style, it would look so old fashioned. Its a shame we lost all our old posts, i'd love to see what i wrote when i was 16 lol, stupid stuff i imagine. lol on an other forum, I found what I used to write when I was something like 14. Plus, it's a forum which is known for flood, and stupid post. And I must say I wrote a lot of stupid things... I was ashame when I saw that lol
  13. Released ! http://www.undrcrwn.com/JazzyJeffxUNDRCRWN.html It is so nice from Jeff to give it for nothing, for free ! It's not the first time he do that, and I really want to THANKS HIM for his generosity.
  14. I wonder, Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith knows the existence of this website ? I mean, did you ever mention it to them, with an answer from them ? From example, I saw the JJFP Twitter, did you join Jazzy to tell him, and maybe he came on time to see how it is on the board ?!
  15. Man, I had no idea it was such a old website ! 12 years ! Congratulations !
  16. I didn't noticed before, but it was october the 22nd ?! Nobody to talk about it ? Or the schedule I found is wrong ?
  17. I've updated my wallpaper, the picture is looking better : I'm working on a Christmas wallpaper. PS : I don't think I ever had the same wallpaper for so long tiime ! 11 months ! And it is not the end ! PPS : My last year christmas wallpaper : (it was a smaller version, I was on a little screen !)
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