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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. JJFP !! PS : I tought it was the video of the ceremony :(
  2. Jada posted the first video from China ! It could be from USA, because nothing about China, but it is the first from Beijing :D And Will's page still not working :(
  3. Ratliff to the Spurs ! No doubt, they definitely knows how to make the team younger :laugh: :laugh:
  4. When you watch a movie, the only thing you want is that the actor developped his skills doing this movie ? :D The first thing I want is having a great time ! But I'm not sure a Bad Boys III is a good idea... I mean it could be really great, but it doesn't have to be a Bad Boys III to be a Bad Boys III. Sometimes, it is better to stay on a success, because another movie can ruined the serie
  5. Ok, thanks ! PS : somebody knows what it means ?
  6. Wow thanks man ! Just a little thing : is it really "Schnazzaline" ? I thought it was "No vaseline", like in Ice Cube song. And what does ""Schnazzaline" means plese ? Thanks !
  7. I have a question about "Go See The Doctor", especially the end of the song (the skit) I'd like to know what Will & Jeff are saying in this extract : http://blog.kokoom.com/uploads/r/Romano338/235235.wav The only part I can clearly understand is "Where you at?". I posted that on 2 english forums, and the suggestions are really diversified : "- Where you at? - ??? - Ok You still feel me? - You're a legend" (I'm sure it's not that) "- Where you at? - ??? - Ok You still filming? - Yeah, I Am Legend" (someone suggest me "You still filming", and I added "Yeah I Am Legend", cause I think I hear "legend", and the song is from 2007, like the movie's filming) "- Where you at? - I'm still on the other side. - Ok, still affermative? - Yeah, major" (I'm pretty sure it's not that) And what I personally think : "- Where you at? - I'm still on the other side. (or "On the other side") - Ok You still filming? - Yeah, I Am Legend" (the "other side" part is not sure, cause Jeff is at Philly or Atlanta (cf : what he is saying before in the song), and I Am Legend is in New York, so it is on the same side. But maybe Will is at L.A., and not exactly filming I Am Legend ?) Can anybody help me please ? PS : maybe I will ask some help for an other moment of the song later ! Thanks
  8. Yeah, more nergy, the second Aunt Viv' was more here to have a Aunt Viv (Aunt Viv is needed, you can't take her off)
  9. There is a rumour since a long time. On a web site, I found an article from march 2007 in which tey say that M. Bay and his crew are working on the storyline. Was that right ? More than 2 years later, no news
  10. 25 years... it is hard to believe when we say "25 years"... I'm 21 !! What a career ! Hope he will do a 26 or 27 years career !!
  11. "Guess What??? I'm a Dj Hero..." "I'm a Dj Hero...lol" :laugh: :laugh:
  12. Shoot, I'm a little bit late ! Happy Birthday, even if I'm late !
  13. Apache - Sugarhill Gangs ! Funny song, impossible to not think about Will & Carlton's dance when I'm listenning to that song !
  14. Wow this is nice ! But I don't think it is a good game. I mean, you don't have to do some DJ's moves. You just have to push buttons. A classic pad is enough for what you have to do.
  15. If you have some cash to burn, you can give me some :D
  16. That's right ! But you still can click on "Watch on Youtube" link to watch it ! And I think you already saw that like a hundred times :laugh:
  17. yeah really nice to know how it was before JJFP ! We can see in E! True Hollywood Story a guy named Mike Robinson, and he says he was the DJ of the group before Jeff arrived. Eric Harvey / Mike Robinson ??
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