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  1. You're right, I don't think a cause on facebook will do anything. I asked Jeff on his twitter, no answer.
  2. Sinik ft Cheb Akil - Gladiateurs A song in honor of Algeria qualified for the 2010 World Cup !
  3. I don't see any use for this thing. I just think it's a new product, it cost between 700 & 1000€, and you can do nothing on it. For me, it's just for a kind of people to say "I have it".
  4. Interesting ! Thanks !
  5. I just received MIIB (2 DVDs edition) and Bad Boys 2(2 DVDs edition), for less than 15€ the two
  6. To think about it, it funny to see an US DVD with french subs ! PS : someone knows the date of release of the fourth firsts seasons in France/Europe ? To see if if can hope it for a few months after, or a year, or more... thanks !
  7. Very good news ! Now, I'll wait for the french version... :laugh:
  8. Here are the bonus of the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air's DVDs ! DVDRip, in english with english and french subs ! There are no bonus in fourth season DVD Season 1 - Back-to-Bel-Air: A Fresh Look Season 2 - Best Bits of Bel-Air Season 2 - Bel-Air Bloopers Season 3 - Bel-Air Bloopers Season 3 - Best of the Upper Bel-Air Crust season 3 highlights Enjoy ! PS : there was some problems on Megaupload, so all the files are not on it.
  9. Man he looks weird on that pic ! We already seen him bald, but he's weird on this one ! This haircut powaa
  10. I can't watch it in France, restriction :( If somebody can upload it on an other website please
  11. I think Jeff got an other project for 2010 : :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  12. Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk !! It's a french HILARIOUS audio adventure, like a RPG ! Very, very, VERY funny !
  13. Yeah I remeber, Jeff posted somehing on his twitter about this movie : Thanks for the video!
  14. Personaly I don't like this kind of haircut ! But if she likes it, she's right to "wear" it ! (I don't know if I can say "wear" for a haircut ?)!
  15. Yes, 3 projects ! Here is the original tweet : djjazzyjeff215 I'm gonna do 3 projects this year...The Jeff/Ayah Project...The Last in the Magnificent Series...what should the 3 one be???
  16. Anyway it's a subjective thing (and they say it in the first sentence). Everybody can do his top 50, and all of them will be different.
  17. I changed the Just Cruising link on the first page :) EDIT AM I stupid or what ? I didn't put the link for the better version of Boy Youn Knock Me Out... I upload it right now EDIT 2 That's ok, now there is the second link for Boy Youn Knock Me Out
  18. I kinda like Thong Song, F**k It and My Humps ! And I like Lonely ! And others that I don't hate ! But it's obvious they don't know La Fouine ("the stone marten" in english :/) :D. A french "rapper". I just hate every things he does. His lyrics are sssooooo stupids and without any relevance. I never saw that in my life.
  19. Merry Christmas from France everyone !
  20. He worked everytime during years and years, so he deserve a few months off (even if it's hard for us !)
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