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  1. Hello ! I'm just 21, and I live in France, so I don't have any idea of how DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince were stars at there beginnings (before The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) ? If you can compare with a today's rapper, who can it be ? Were they famous in lot of countries ? I tought they were known, but not a lot, and more I watch videos, more I think they were great stars ! Thanks for your answers !
  2. Good interview, I didn't understand everythings :D but cool ! Thx !
  3. I love this version, I think this is exactly in Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff range !
  4. I saw it last week, and I think its a good movie ! A cool one !
  5. Good freestyle ! But I miss the fantastic music :( :)
  6. I know by heart no one of JJFP or WS songs :: its not easy to know by heart english songs when you are french :p but I know nearly but heart FPOBA short version !
  7. Too bad Alfonso Ribeiro didn't do a "better" career :( He was amazing in FPOBA ! And Tatyana Ali have a really great voice, why didn't she release an other album after the firts one in 1998 ?! Too bad :(
  8. I hope he'll do another album ! I am impatient too !
  9. This is a nice song, like a remix of FPOBA !
  10. Not a bad remix, I prefer the original :D but it's good !
  11. Wow, what a big list ! But I think, very hard to find all !
  12. This is a really good song (like every JJFP's one !), but not my favourite ! For exemple, I prefer Girls ain't nothing but trouble, or I'm all that, but Trapped on the dance floor is very good !
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