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  1. Thanks freshfrom sofia!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. im glad she only got one year, now the new album will have to be dope!
  3. ive only listened to it two times this week, but that is only because ive been listening to the new R.Kelly album!
  4. ill keep a lookout for that!!!!!!
  5. thats what i was thinkin? he hasnt sold a lot has he?
  6. Yeah it really doesnt matter to me, it'd be great both ways just as Jazzy Julie said
  7. Thanks for sharing that experience with us man!!!! :lolsign: bet you got loads of sleep the next night!!! :sleep:
  8. At the moment yeah there is 5 parts and they are all on the album and u also get a bonus dvd of the longform video :2thumbs: But............Chapters 6-10 coming soon!!!!!!!! :2thumbs:
  9. yeah hopefully the video will arrive soon and it will hit the top 10!! :thumbsup2:
  10. yeah she can definetely sing and is very talented! thanks for the performance Turntable!!
  11. this new one isnt as explicit as some of his other ones btw :2thumbs:
  12. imo defo mtv base live, good partystarter performance :woot:
  13. just got the album today!!!! F****n Great!!!!! seriously man this R.Kellys comeback after the disapointing happy people/u saved me album Try and get the limited edition one with the trapped in the closet parts 1-5 dvd can't wait for parts 6-10!!!!
  14. That was off the charts!!!!!!! West philly in the house!!!! haha!!! Great performance!!!! they cut us on summertime though?
  15. we should also do this for people in the Uk like me!!!, then it will start slowly getting more spins!!!
  16. Hey Jeff, i love your music and what you have been doing all these years, cant wait for your new album to drop, ill hope to see you with will later this year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!
  17. Now this is my first poll... so i probably done something wrong! Anyway i'm a LL fan, and to all you other fans out there i just wanted to know which album of his was your fav? don't be afraid to voice your opinions!! anyway mine has to be the G.O.A.T!!
  18. yeah i guess so but he does have strong firts singles nearly always as well
  19. i love that track, that is one of my favs on big willie style!!!!
  20. dont know who else it could be? :hmm: 100th post yeah! :jazzy: :2thumbs: :Party_fest09: :woot: :party: :respect:
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