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  1. i already have the video, both of them
  2. can someone help me! ive already got the gratest hits and will smith music collection on vhs but im trying to build up my collection on the computer i need, so fresh, just cruisin, ring my bell, will 2k i know its alot to ask but somebody please!!!
  3. Thanks for the correction funky fresh! i always thought it was cris
  4. :peace: I Wanna Rock Heres the i wanna rock vid for anyone who doesn't have it Great vid!! Check it!!
  5. yo you ready for me yet Pump it up cris yo are ya ready for me yet pump it up cris here i go here i go here a here i go yeah! CLASS SONG!!!!!!!!
  6. definetely code red outta those but BWS and L&F are runners up for me!
  7. can somebody put up the so fresh video please!!! i hear you guys go on about it all time and how good it is, and i haven't even seen it PS. or was it just cruisin?
  8. they all entertain me, but i guess MIIB isn't as good as the others(for me anyway!)
  9. It doesn't work for me in rapidshare :tear: I know its a lot of trouble but can you upload it in yousendit please
  10. I'm with you on that one!! I'm Punjabi!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Thanks for this................. Must of been hard! :thumb:
  12. Awwwwwww man!! i just seen this video again after such a long time!! Class video, real funny; Will & Jazz acting stupid/funny again people who haven't seen this, go and see it, It'll crack you up!!!! :bowrofl:
  13. i would like to see LL rap with the FP, but maybe on a different type of track as DevilsJim89 said
  14. No worries you can find these on ebay :thumb:
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