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  1. Sorry i missed out but is will gonna be on this album or is it just a compilation of other artiststs, and is will just working sorta behind the scenes
  2. ha ha thanks for this jonny, dis is funny he's such a good dancer!!!!!
  3. Good Job on wills part for comin strong with Lost & Found, and with bow wow with is gimmick songs he'll probably be plat in a month...even though i don't like him
  4. Hope she wins that Grammy Album award, i wish all the best for her :2thumbs:
  5. I don't think hes a good mc or an actor, and he should stick to his own thing, and not try and copy people Damn!! 4 pages long lol
  6. CULVER CITY, California — Nick Cannon is one project closer to following in the footsteps of his idol Will Smith. The 25-year-old rapper/actor is slated to star in his own boxing flick, "The Hawk," just as his mentor pushed out an Oscar-nominated turn as legendary heavyweight champ Muhammad Ali in the 2001 biopic "Ali." Cannon actually penned the script for "The Hawk," a drama fueled by the relationship between a father and son. Inspiration for the story came after the actor visited Smith while he was filming "Ali" nearly five years ago. "I actually got into boxing because Will was doing ['Ali'], and I was hanging with him on set," Cannon explained. "I got with the boxing trainer who trained him, and we came up with some stuff together. It's gonna be real hot." While shooting isn't set to start until 2006, the actor has been hard at work for months, training twice a day to get his body in fighting shape for the moment he actually steps into the ring. "It's a real intense project," he said. Cannon is currently working on two movies slated for release in 2006: the gritty independent film "Weapons" and the Emilio Estevez-helmed "Bobby." In the latter, Cannon joins an all-star ensemble including Anthony Hopkins, Demi Moore, Martin Sheen, Sharon Stone, William H. Macy, Lindsay Lohan, Ashton Kutcher and Elijah Wood. In "Bobby," a film that plays out the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Cannon said he was honored to get the chance to work with another of his idols, singer/actor/humanitarian Harry Belafonte. "I love [belafonte] and everything from the beginning of his career, like 'The Banana Boat Song (Day-O),' " Cannon said. "He's given me so much wisdom. My man is in his late 70s but he's still got it. I've learned so much [from him], so hopefully I can be like him one day." "Bobby" and "Weapons" are just two of a slew of Cannon films due out next year. He already has the political thriller "The Beltway" in the can, playing an intern on Capitol Hill who unveils a dangerous plot headed up by the CIA. Cannon also stars as Forest Whitaker's brother in the indie gambling drama "Even Money" and lends his voice to the animated adventure "Monster House," due July 21. As for music, Cannon is finally gearing up to release his second album, Stages, early next year. According to the singer, he'll release the Kanye West-produced "My Wife", but not before he puts out "Are You a Dime," tentatively set to drop as early as January. "It's a big party club record and it's got an old-school sample in it," Cannon said of the track, which he also produced. "We're doing contests all over the country looking for the most beautiful, well-rounded woman we can find, so that's how we gonna do it real big in '06." Just Thought I'd Post this since it has Will Smith in it, I didn't know he was Nick Cannons idol, i don't think hes very good on the mic, don't know about the big screen tho
  7. Its Bound to be in stores now...Well at least it should be in America, after all he was wearing his own clothing line in the headsprung video if i remember correctly Anyway,I really like his two new songs and its great that hes putting up and coming MC's on his albums, This will be one of his best albums yet after his flow on Whatcha Want especially......... Oh and AJ Make sure check out the 2 new tracks (They're Excellent) Just thought i'd mention this i know its off topic but i have a 3 minute video when Eazy-E and MC Ren were on Yo! Mtv Raps and they were playin So Fresh in the background, I think it was at a movie premiere at one of Chris Rock's Films I think, oh well just thought i'd share
  8. Thanks For this Turntable...I was Trying to find it for y'all but i guess you found it first!!! And Whats up with all the LL Can only be good on a song with an old MC, I think Freeway has great flow like Turntable said, and Juelz is hot to... Damn This song Is Off da hook
  9. Thanks for this mate although i got most of this stuff except: DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - Live @ 1988 Tim Westwood Capital Rap Session UK DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - Boom! Shake the Room (MTV Party to Go 5) DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - Summertime Live @ MTV Beach House '02 Will Smith - Party Starter (DMX Beat) Thanks And Merry Christmas To All Of You
  10. 2pac, rakim, Biggie & Jay-Z probably Can't Forget FP!!!
  11. Double disc album will be even better.... but im happy if they bring one out at all
  12. I reckon It was a word of strength but im not entirely sure....
  13. Hey TurnTable I am def feelin this track as well, the new direction is all for the better
  14. Hey all you LL Followers out there (I Know Turntables One anyway) This is LL's New Song Off of His New Album called My Favorite Flavor It Features Juelz Santana And his absolutely Brilliant!!!! Check It Out!!!! LL Cool J ft. Juelz Santana - It's LL & Santana I Cannot Wait For His New Album!!!!!
  15. I reckon Just Blaze, who is a great producer, and Cool & Dre, also Havoc: That could be Interesting... Don't Ya Think?
  16. To DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Where Do I Start! Anyway thanks to both you guys to being great role models and being the best rap duo of all time in my opinion! As Everyone else has said it would be great if you two did another JJFP Album, as the chemistry between you two is great, i have been a fan of you guys since code red came out back in 1993. Will i thought Lost & Found was a masterpiece lyrically, good to know your still relevant after 20 years, and jazzy i bought your recent soul mixtape, it was great, anyway peace out and keep doin ya thing man!!! Mick Singh (Jazzy Jazzy Jeff) (England, UK)
  17. Nah sorry, ive only got the b-sides on the CD Single im afraid Hero1
  18. I think he won best Pop/Rock act (im not sure about this though i live in the Uk) somebody will have to enlighten us, 50 cent and rob thomas was also nominated Whoa!!!!!! Big Will is back in the music game!!!!!! man he's still relevant after 20 years, good to see he knocked the s*** out of 50 cent!!!!
  19. Wow, I definetely know who to come to if i want to know the times these american award ceremonies are airing in the UK, man jazzy julie you got this wrapped up ain't ya? lol
  20. I Like The new Damien Marley song Road To Zion ft. Nas
  21. This is another R.Kelly album ill have to get!! Yo Turntable could ya post that remix up on your comp please!!! I haven't heard it yet
  22. I reckon Will might just win this one due to the success of switch
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