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  1. This year the Reggae Legend that is Bob Marley would have been 60, i have uploaded one of his tracks for anyone who hasn't got it or who has never heard him sing, this isn't one of his best but its the only one on my computer at the moment So Enjoy!!!!! http://rapidshare.de/files/6761752/Bob_Mar...heriff.mp3.html]Bob Marley - I Shot The Sheriff
  2. Best MC: LL Cool J Eazy-E Rev.Run Jay-Z Chuck D DMC Slick Rick Nas Best DJ: DJ Grandmaster Flash DJ Premier DJ Kid Capri (maybe) Jam Master Jay Terminater X There's My List!!!!!
  3. Just tah let you know Da Brakes i got your back on this and i will definetely sign up on yah forum!!! Have you got a link though i don't know your website!
  4. Heres another one from me!!! Keep it Going!!!!!!
  5. :word: What everyone else in this thread has said already man....some people...... :tantrum:
  6. The Game has messages in most of his songs, and i reckon thats what makes him unique
  7. Pretty soon the whole site will have indian relations!!!! :lolsign: :lolsign:
  8. I give everybody here the honour of being in this club!!! Ha Ha!!!!lol
  9. Hey everybody im back now and will start posting regularly again, its just that ive had loads of coursework for my college and stuff. Oh and thanks for making me a mini potna i appreciate it and i will help out anybody on this forum!
  10. Hey everybody im back, sorry been dragged down with coursework, and i ve been watching all oif us season 2 as well i think its really funny, but if elise neal goes after this season its going to seem well weird
  11. Lerkot, make sure u listen to mr.smith which is a classic or i also like the G.O.A.T Anyway the albums ive been listening to are: LL - G.O.A.T Will Smith - BWS JJFP - Code Red LL - All World Game - Documentary R Kelly - TP3 Reloaded Mariah Carey - the emancipation of mimi
  12. cool, got this tape anyway though :thumbsup2:
  13. Welcome to the board man!!! my real name is mick btw
  14. Columbia are very stupid with that view, needed another jiggy single...watever So Fresh was made with all of wills own money, since he thought it was a good song (and so do many other people!!) and since columbia didnt want to put any of their money into a video for so fresh... dont ask me why though
  15. youre all right, this is going to be one heck of a video and i cannot wait to see this one!
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