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  1. It's all about video nowadays mate - gonna get some stills as well tho! hmmmmm... 29 hours til Jeff's on stage! ha ha i like the way you think!! :rofl:
  2. can somebody tell me if there was ever a full track for the theme of LL Cool J's In the house sitcom, the later one e.g no diggity, no doubt baby.....or even if there is just a clip around somewhere can somebody get this for me? thanks!!! :stickpoke:
  3. yeah i definetely want to hear some more of your production Vipa, and yeah it is a shame we have to look to the past, when if there were more rappers like will & LL..we could look to the future potential of rapstars, however with groups like D4L & Pretty ricky out these days its hard to look into the future and and actually find potential these days
  4. you know thats what i hate about most of the rap/hip-hop artists right now, it really pisses me off that everybody loves the beat to most songs friends saying like oooooh yeah thats my jam, and then i listen to the song and its a piece of s***, no good lyrics at all and just rambling by the artist, or where most artists try and just make sure the chorus is catchy and the just the beat is good, noone cares about any messages anymore, thats why i just stick to old tapes and cds, and if theres something worthwhile coming out from one of my favourite artists...then ill listen to it.....but thats whats wrong with hip-hop today and its just gettin worse i like to listen to MEANINGFUL lyrics...which is few and far between these days
  5. i thought this one was from that performance but i may be wrong...
  6. this is better now i hope.......hero1 i was wondering if i could change my screen name unless it can't be done, i don't understand why i would sign up with my current name, it seems so stupid to me now..lol
  7. yeah you two are so lucky i wish he was doing a show more close to my home not manchester or leeds lol
  8. at least this won't turn into lorettaville...i agree with everyone great idea!!
  9. how do you get more turns hero1
  10. 13 views and nobody knows...lol come on people somebody got to
  11. I stumbled across this track.....and it sounds like some sort of 80's remake, and was just wondering if they actually recorded this together or if its just somekind of mix........btw its a nice track imo http://rapidshare.de/files/14408237/Mary_J...Remix_.mp3.html
  12. ive nearly been here a year as well now and i just want all you guys to know its been great and ive never seen any other board so closely knit together, anyway i will be here for a long time and i will keep contributing and havin a good time......THANKS to everyone on this board and especially HERO NO.1 aka Tim
  13. well i would start one for him but i don't know the first thing about creating a forum or a website /hopes someone will start a good one like this
  14. im 17 about to turn 18 in may...and in about 2 months i wouldve spent a year on this board..i love it tho
  15. Does anybody know any good LL Cool J forums like we have this JJFP one....obviously no forum can be better than this :2thumbs: but im a big fan and you know, i cant find any good ones so i can download rare clips and videos or rare tracks, i already have the albums so no need for that i tried his official website message board..but that is just like Lorettaville if you know what i mean (WS.com) :mygod: i searched around a lot but cant seem to find one, if anyone can help me id be grateful...thanks!!!!
  16. I don't know if hs got that much time theres a lot a of places to visit in india.....last time i went for 6 weeks and still didnt get to see erything lol
  17. you could upload them to imageshack.us thats a good site
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