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  1. I posted this in Lupe's forum also.....it didn't seem to go over to well with the fans there.. :-/ I don't understand why not either??? I use to answer phones at Lupe's old radio show FNF raido so maybe next time I'll see him i'll pitch him my idea ;)
  2. I'm talking about none other than a Fresh Prince/Lupe Fiasco collabo.......How hot would that be seriously?? One of the best all time lyricists with one of the hottest rappers coming out that's NOT about drugs, sex, booze, bling bling, ect........ What do you guys think?? I seriously think it'd be hot
  3. Oh I remember this, my friend said to will "Man, all your cd's are amazing (or something along that matter) and Will replied "Well maybe, except for about two". He never said which ones, but he did say he loved Code Red, so it can't be that one.
  4. Hey I think it's Bill Withers? He originally made the song so maybe its him, maybe not?
  5. MIB 2 "Don't take it personally, Angie. I lied to everybody."
  6. Very good song.....I like the way the lyrics aren't just words...that they actually mean something
  7. Well at least Will is looking like Will again, must mean half of the movie is at least done filming :-)!
  8. Maybe this is a promotion for Tell Me Why...I really hope so. But these pictures are great!
  9. LL or Common doing girls aint nothin but trouble would be good. Common has a good story-telling ability when he raps, so it could work out well.
  10. Oh if Diddy was in BB3, I don't even know what would happen. He would possibly make it the worst movie of all time....but Jazz...that'd I like to see!
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