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  1. thanks for the news....ill def pick it up....does anybody know what the special feats are? for the UK version
  2. im thinkin 19, i don't know why i just have a feeling
  3. looks good man ill definetely check it out...£2 P&P anywhere?.......thats good!
  4. I agree... I don't think Eve has done nearly enough to get a biopic. Queen and LL have both had longer and more successful careers. yeah exactly..........Eve only started to get recognition around 98' or somewhere around then, and LL has been in the game since 85' and still going strong.........so imo they should create a film about LL's life or Big Will's life first
  5. heres my favorite Big Will films: 1 Bad Boys 2 Ali 3 Hitch 4 Enemy Of The State 5 men in black
  6. yeah sorry yousendit didnt work.............ill try again
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!!!!!!!
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! :chuks: :gettinjiggywitit: :speaker1: :speaker1:
  9. we should try and get vipa to mix a Will/LL track.....that'll be insane!!!!!
  10. still that same set, he needs to start performing different tracks and know there not the only hits hes had...for us JJFP fans anyway
  11. Seriously man why you got all that gold around and no defensive force.. you may as well just hand the gold straight over to me :kekeke: ha ha well see about that, you wait my defensive forces are on the rise and will continue to get bigger.... :pony:
  12. Not bad. If u compare 2 the other albums it's bad! :( it is bad if your comparing it to his past albumns back around 96' but for today it is a decent amount of sales, with all the illegal downloading going on and the fact that will has been in the music business for around 20 yrs...id say its a good figure
  13. Like I said. I got attacked 19 times before I started playing... Lost upwards of 100,000 in gold... I don't want to hear anyone complain. lol chill i was only joking....im not complaining..just makin it a bit of fun you know
  14. it hasnt been released in the uk yet so im still watching season 2 until it does come out, btw i know its off topic but who here thinks In The House will be released on DVD sooner or later, i hope it does
  15. yeah it is and tim man why you have to attack a low rank brother like me :lolsign:
  16. yeah sorry bout that i just found it on another forum though....well heres the old diss on yousendit anyway if anyone wants to listen to it or anyone hasnt heard it
  17. i just love the song im looking for the one, its just so laid back and makes me relax and not stress (when im stressed...obviously) but yeah nothin can beat that song
  18. you mean limewire and that i uninstalled mine...it was causing my comp to go slow...if somebody has one search for the LL theme tune and the kenan & kel one..plz
  19. sounds good...... you guys heard this new diss on eminem by MC Hammer.....take it how you want...at a couple of other boards they said it was wack but they would lol anyway check it out: MC Hammer - Full Blast (Eminem Diss)
  20. JJFP - Twinkle,Twinkle little star CODE RED oh and i really like the new LL video too, sounds great in the car with the sound right up
  21. yeah it would be good, dope sounding intro one of the best to a sitcom
  22. yeah its alright i guess, but we don't get all the good shows that the U.S does and if we do its like a month later..but to turntable at least when the radios on over there you don't get to hear 50 and its good music...
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