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  1. Hey Man just saw the trailer for LL's new film Mindhunters....... Looks Pretty Damn good!!!!!!!!!! Heres the link for anyone who wants to see it: MINDHUNTERS!!
  2. yeah have to agree with turntable there, LL's always had a different vibe to all his albums, and this one will be no different He will bring out another classic thats for sure
  3. Thanks Turntable!!! Yo Turntable do you know if ll has any new movies coming out, i remember looking at some info about one but i forgot what it was called
  4. Hey i was just wondering seeing as thoough im a massive fan of LL Cool J's music and everything if anyone could tell me if hes bringing another album out, maybe after his new movie or something Thanks!
  5. ill get one up later, but i dont have many instrumentals and stuff!
  6. sisqom, not lecturing you or anything but you could be a little more patient, im sure other peeps on this board are trying their best to get it up or something Peace out :thumbsup2:
  7. thanks man last time i requested this..... nobody helped me out or anything
  8. These are mine: Code Red Lost & Found He's the DJ, Im the Rapper Homebase Big Willie style Willenium And in this Corner... Rock The House Born To Reign
  9. thanks man!!!! and welcome to the board!!!!
  10. yeah jonny hopefully they will for us UK peeps
  11. Good news for you you got broadband now! Thanks for this Julie!!
  12. for def think its better than switch, and i voted for the top 5, i reckon it'll get up there
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