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  1. I actually saw the music video for this song last night. They showed a little picture of Will n Jada on there, it was cute.
  2. yay, I'm all done. Thanks everyone who took the time out and answered the survey. :2thumbs:
  3. I have to conduct a survey for my math class, and I need at least 100 people to take it. So it would be really nice if ya'll can answer these questions...pretty please? Age Female Male 1.Do you have internet access at home? Yes No 2.In the past month have you downloaded music? Yes No 3.In the past month have you bought a CD? Yes No
  4. Happy Birthday WILL! I wish you all the happyiness, sucess and love in the world, you definitly deserve it!
  5. Hey I was just wondering...can u use this program to vote in other places as well (like radio stations)? or only for trl?
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