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  1. i haven't got that one but this diss track is hot LL Cool J - Can-I-Bus
  2. yeah hes okay not as good as SRK....hes hd so many classics...you seen aamirs new film...rang de basanti
  3. thanks for this i saw this on an indian news channel they showed will goiing out into the crowd and hugging everyone, it was mental and he was cracking jokes as well...man that was funny
  4. thanks for this news man, i know most of SRK's films..hes a good actor
  5. my choices were i think i can beat mike tyson and miami
  6. i don't think he wouldve had anything to do with it but busta is a legend why would anybody be out to get him
  7. yeah man can't wait for his album to come out!!!!!
  8. excellent video man i thought it was great yeah man who needs interscope!
  9. Thanks man this is real banger!!, i can't contain my excitement for this album to drop! I thought the song with jennifer lopez was the 1st single though, and i think it does sound like a just blaze track!
  10. check this out as well people on this board hate bow wow as well and have respect for will!!! http://www.hiphopfoundry.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21458
  11. New LL Cool J Article Just a new article for anybody that didn't know about his album, or his first single :2thumbs:
  12. Thanks for this article!!, Can anyone tell me when Last Holiday is coming out in the UK, and i can't to wait to hear that Mary J. Collaboration its going to be hot!
  13. Yeah Krayzie Ripped Up that track!!!!!!! Better Than Twista in my opinion
  14. That should turn out to be a hot album, i didn't know he was signed to murder inc., Does anybody know the deal with Young Noble off of the outlawz, i heard he was going to make an album with layzie bone but it never got released, can anybody tell me what hes doing at the moment?
  15. i reckon he's quite talented, the best outta the shady camp
  17. Happy new year to everyone else on this site, and happy anniversay to will + Jada
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