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  1. thanks!!!!!!!!!!! downloading now!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I was looking around and i found these fresh prince jazzy jeff items, i was wondering if anyone could tell me if they were rare or not and how rare they are? I'm looking for the one to be with me (promo) Boom shake! the room (UK CD1 7 track single inc. street mix) Summertime (4 track cd single) Boom shake! the room (1993 UK 2 track cassete single) Rock the house (12" original 1987 LP) I'm looking for the one to be with me (single) Thanks!!!!!!!!! :call: :dance:
  3. i don't think 'black radio' wil play it because they don't think that much of will smith, but i think with the powerful message tell me why has they have to play it, then hopefully the album will rise in th charts!!
  4. Thanx Freshprincess for keeping a look out for me :kiss:
  5. Thanks Freshprincess I'm definetely goin to go for this one! If i have the money :dancingcool:
  6. That is excellent news thanks!!!!!!!!!
  7. Who does this guy (eminem) think he is he is full of aload of Bull**** Big Will walked past him many years back.................. Big will is laughing in the face of this jerk! :rosik:
  8. Thanks REborn2REign great lookin out man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. could you put it up on yousendit, id be grateful it doesn't work on my computer plz!!!!!!!!!
  10. thanks man!!!!!!!! To your question yes i do it is one of his best
  11. could you put up the freakin it video up again plz!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I reckon its season 1 as well but all of them are great!!!!!
  13. Just wanted to tell you guy's and girls out there that im new to the board :thumb: From what ive seen so far this is definitely the best one out there!!!!! :bowrofl: :dj: :jazzyinthehouse:
  14. Check it great man Even though i have the album neways! :rofl: Im new here btw
  15. Thanks that was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im new by the way!!!
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