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  1. LOL..damn..I fell for it..but that **** was FUNNY!
  2. r&b is dead. and yeah let me go check the "sony" boards...you saw Baby Boy and wanted to see Waist Deep? yeah..you guys got some good taste...
  3. please. you guys would be saying the SAME **** if PARIS HILTON said that in an interview. Tyrese is ok at BEST in his acting. Whats unfortunate is how his music quality has slipped throughout the years.
  4. o my...usher actually giving someone ELSE props??!? what IS the world comin to?!? he is one of the WORST entertainers. he cant act. his music sucks...but im glad he said will is good. will does deserve to keep getting props.
  5. hmm..well i liked lost and found for what it was..but L R is all around better. We Major with Nas and kanye? WHAA!!! Diamonds with JayZ? anything with Jay gets a point. "Late" helllll yeah... "We Can Make It Better" (on the jap vr). yep. but the best album this year is Common's "Be" album.
  6. that video is stupid though. line dancing? moshpit crap? nah..a video for that sound should've been reflective off the lyrics. that video make the song a joke in my eyes..but i hated that mix anyway..original is better..
  7. :sipread: i like the song. but the video is the biggest joke of the year..along with 50 cent's videos. i just cant get over that line dancing and rock show crap. and that mix just doesnt work for me..they should've had the original beat. :willvspaparazzi:
  8. that video got lame towards the end? will rockin out and line dancing? man....and i HATE that version of the song..it dont match the video. the original would've
  9. lol..dude..what makes u think they will release another video out for this album? they havent even released party starter and they wont.
  10. thats not successful. will couldve had better numbers. i bet if party starter was released in the beginning of the summer, it wouldve rocked a million EASY
  11. im tellin you cats..dont blame will..blame interscope..they always do this mess..as soon as i heard will had signed with interscope, i knew his success wouldnt last
  12. hmm..i lost hope. its the end of august next week and STILL no party starter video. i blame interscope. they did this **** with timbo, rakim, kiley dean, etc now will. face it ladies n gents..no video.
  13. I want timbaland and Will to work together. Will had some good flows on lost and found..now he just needs some great beats. If ll cool j is comin out with a new album, i expect will to. lose crap like "if you cant dance" or whatever. i like the change around in direction..now he just needs the right peeps...and to dump interscope. they take WAY to long to promote an artist.
  14. jumpin jack flash, im not really mad mad. i was just saying bro. more like disappointing.
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