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  1. LL Cool J ft. redman, method man, dmx - FUHGIDABOUT IT
  2. yeah its got that line in....im going to try and upload the mc hammer diss on yousendit now like you wanted me too
  3. love them clips man...thanks!!!
  4. James Todd Smith - I Shot Ya Remix "Krushed moe dee, Hammer and Ice T's girl" "New York appeal, in L.A. they gang bang But if you touch a mic your mother****in ass hang That's facts, niggaz don't recieve no type of slack Cause if they do, they ass is always runnin back Not this time, but next time I'ma name names LL, ****tin from on top of the game I SHOT YA!"
  5. The breadmans at it again......damn........better watch it including me :lolsign: I don't think anyone is really afraid. In fact, I think he's just making people hungry. you know what im going to have some toast right now...............
  6. hey turntable is the ripper returns the same track as jack the ripper or is it different, could ya upload it for me
  7. The breadmans at it again......damn........better watch it including me :lolsign:
  8. that was funny as hell, whens part 2 comin?
  9. yeah that must be really bad for any artist to go through
  10. i def agree with you on that one.....LL straight murdered him...ive also been noticing how many people think Canibitch won, but they have to ask themselves one question.........WHERES CANIBUS NOW? hahahahaha :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: He was blown off the planet!!!!!!!!! alright not literally :lolsign: oh and btw does anyone have the In The House theme, you know LL Cool J's show, or O.G by Ice T
  11. Busta rhymes - put your hands where i can see
  12. oh c'mon you sure you wont tell me... i won't attack you you breadman
  13. how do you get that much off people i only can get about 20k and i got a war hammer..i dont understand....and they usually have about 30-40k in gold
  14. this is a good idea guys ima contribute to it CR - Code Red HTDJITR - Hes the DJ, Im The rapper
  15. DJ Quik - Safe & Sound ll cool j - doin it
  16. anybody want anything else?
  17. i have no idea whats that about...but damn thats one hell of a lot of users
  18. cool game i think its good to pass the time, yeah but i still got to get used to it....like any other game
  19. yep...and its cheap too....well not thatb bad especially off play.com...comes with free delivery
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