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  1. This track grows in me!! It's very good, mary j is good as ever and FP's flow has something of ll cool j..WELL DONE !!!! :clap:
  2. Great Song!! I love 70's disco music :afro:
  3. Hi men!! Two weeks ago I read on a magazine here in Italy an interview with Nicole Kidman and she said that her new film will be Betwitched, a comedy with WILL SMITH!!!! :thumb:
  4. I can't wait for new trax... Please give us switch soon!! :bang: :bang:
  5. thre's too much amazing stuff, but if I have to choose.... I WANNA ROCK!! :rock:
  6. If u don't buy the album...u aren't a fan. Sorry, but this post sounds like something Jedi would post. The results are way 2 obvious. :ditto:
  7. ROCK THE HOUSE - The magnificent jazzy jeff HE'S THE DJ - Brand new funk\live at union square AND IN THIS CORNER - Jazzy's groove HOMEBASE - I'm all that\Summertime CODE RED - I wanna rock\I'm lookin' for the one BIG WILLIE STYLE - Gettin' jiggy wit it\It's all good WILLENNIUM - So fresh\no more\potnas BORN TO REIGN - Born to reign\act like u know THE MAGNIFICENT - For da love of da game\my people Other trax..Get hyped-just cruisin'............that's all!!!
  8. Willenium, but I can't consider it as solo album because it's a jjfp album. so I say: The magnificent Big willie style Born to reign
  9. I don't like Lose it..It's not good and I hope eminem stops rapping because he isn't good. I liked him when he came out.. but I hate his flow.. and this new single is simply empty.. I hope FP makes something good when he'll come back!!
  10. [quote=Lerkot,Oct 2 2004, 08:06 PM]i really dont think this album will be the best one, fp has lost a lot of the special and relaxing "sound" he had for ten years ago or so[/quote] I think you're wrong.After a flop, will is always back in a big way such as Homebase after and in this corner..so who knows :dunno:
  11. I don't know, but this late doesn't sound good to me..I hope it is good!!
  12. LL Cool J Kanye West Beastie Boys R.kelly Eric B. & Rakim Fugees Shaggy Sean Paul Jamiroquai ( I love them!!) and the italian hip hop legend...ARTICOLO 31
  13. R.Kelly - Down Low............ I love it!!
  14. Yo!! it was a present from a friend who found it in a cd store in L.A..... I have listened to it twice..I have to say that people surely want more after he's the dj, i'm the rapper..anyway I like jazzy's groove, numero uno and jeff waz on the beat box!! which are your favourite trax of and in this corner?? Please don't tell me I think I can't beat mike tyson :ali:
  15. Will has to stop mixing latin vibe and hip hop, these are two different things.I don't like when he screams "I can't stop...." It's bad for real!! Will is THE rapper, not a singer, so i'd like him to rap!! I prefer da butta to I can't stop:da butta sounds hip hop, I can't stop sounds... I don't know what kind of music it is!! I'm sorry for my english today!! :sad6:
  16. I don't like Willow is a player..I hate I can't stop!!! In my opinion this is the worst track he ever made as solo artist.. JJFP: i don't like the reverend and then she bit me.
  17. I hope it's the right time to listen to new stuff!! :lookhehe: :scared2:
  18. I don't understand you men! Ok eminem sells more, but what is the problem? I don't like him, he's nobody for me, I hate his voice and flow and I think he's a commercial invention. and I don't care if his album goes platinum and will's one not. I want new stuff from Will, JJFP!! They are hip hop, if people don't like them,it's their problem not mine. Will must do what he likes to do, not what people like. fans didn't like B2R? I think trax like act like you know, hoe da beat goes, block party, gimmie tonight and gotte go home were very good! Labels controll this world, so men reason with your head and don't care about selling
  19. He should release switch now and then the album and the next single athe same time, in nov-dec...I think more people would buy the album after two singles released
  20. [quote=E - Style-Greesy - E,Sep 1 2004, 07:50 AM]Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It isn't the best track, but u can listen to it everytime, so that way it's the best, but as music, as the beat the best track is Potnas i think. :speechless:[/quote] :ditto:
  21. I think lack of promotion isn't a good thing... B2R was good but there was nothing good around it. only one single, no promotion.. So men, we must wait to have a great hit..
  22. RHCP - blood sugar sex magic This album is great!! I love under the bridge and give it away is fantastic, especially the video!
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