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  1. I don't know... I think Party starter will be a single but i hope the 4th single.... Will needs something different as 3th single.. I'd like one track between Mr niceguy,lost and found or Loretta!!!
  2. My has the logo JJ+FP :kool:
  3. Bayern.... champions league..... :hilarious: :hilarious: :hilarious: ahahahahahah :hilarious: :hilarious:
  4. I've seen the same thing on Italian eminem's board... People loves L+F and they said it's one of the best album lately.. I'm too happy, it's my revenge against people dissed me for being a fan of the fresh prince!! Will is back with a big album and I hope that the time for tell me why comes as soon as possible :thumb:
  5. Getting jiggy made me knew Will Smith... So I go with that track, but I know that summertime is in another level
  6. I'd like to listen to a new I wanna Rock on his new cd.... jazzy jeff feat fresh prince - I wanna rock again
  7. SOCCER!!!!! My favourite team is Juventus and I hope this year we'll win champions league! but it's difficolt, chelsea is the best team... I like Boxe too. I have a lot of tapes of legendary matches, for example Ali vs Frazier I-II-III, Louis vs Marciano, Hagler vs Leonard and so on!!
  8. Ok, now I can vote.... 1- Tell me Why 2- Loretta 3- Mr Niceguy P.s. The beat for comin to the stage is really hot!!!
  9. couldnt agree with you anymore :ditto: :werd: They did a decent job with "Big Willie Style" but once 1999 rolled around, everything looked like "Willenium" was gonna be over the top, and it sold good 2 mill in its first day!! but after that, it all stalled. "Freakin It" was a crapass single to be released. If anything "The Rain" or "So Fresh" would've done a better job with Will's status as a rapper in the game. "Freakin It" was too soft thanks to the Trackmasterz production even tho Will's lyrics were damn good. Columbia then didn't even give "Born to Reign" any room to breathe. How it went gold I have no clue. "How Da Beat Goes" should've been a lead single or at least the 2nd single. That song was the potential hot chart topping single. Followed by "Give Me Tonite" and "Act Like You Know". :werd:
  10. 50 cent at #1.... how is it possible? :nono:
  11. #14 in Italy this week.... The album is not in store yet :cussing: but poeple are waiting for L+F!!!
  12. WILL SMITH - COMIN' TO THE STAGE yo men, da beat for that track is incredible!!! :lolbonk: :dance:
  13. Sean Paul - Punkie espanol... This track is very nice
  14. I saw the em message board in italy and I found a lot of eminem's fans that respect totally Will as Rapper. They discussed bout he is a legend in hip hop, his partner jazzy and new album... They said new album is better than encore and it's incredible hearing that by a fan of eminem!!!! they liked mr nice guy, tell me why and I wish I made that.... only one bad thing: one a*****e said he used ghostwriters for his albums... but People didn't give a ****.. I'm very happy seeing people like WILL!!! HE'S simply the best :thumb:
  15. I don't have it yet, but I feel it's an instant classic :thumb:
  16. I think I'm comin' From JJfp.... I'm all That I love that track :afro:
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