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  1. We all want the same thing men!! Cool...
  2. Fresh Prince is back!!! Switch in sept and album in nov..... like code red or willennium... so it will be a classic hip hop album! men the new cd will be the greatest event in hip hop this year!!! :thumb:
  3. Will 2k 4.5........ No man!! ok, it isn't the best will's work, but will 2k is brilliant!!! and I think y'all know is ok.. I agree with u about I WANNA ROCK.... Too much good stuff in that song... My favourite jjfp!!! :rock:
  4. Summertime is used by Mtv in Italy to promote all their summer tv shows.. My friends usually talk about it, they didn't know it was a classic Will Smith song. When I told them...they were :eek4: :eek4: ....
  5. Man your songs are great!! U need a little bit of fortune...U rock the house :rock: :rock:
  6. I'd prefer a video like freakin'it, with a retro vibe... but switch will be a club banger so i think we'll see a video like Will 2k or somethin like dis
  7. "For da love of da Game" could be great for me, but it is a jj song... What a pity!! But I'm with da brakes... STILL THE RAPPER :rock:
  8. I think summertime 98, but reprise is cool to be listened
  9. Thank u men!!! u are great for real!!!
  10. I don't like can't wait rmx, but I wanna rock rmx is TOO FRESH!!! Thanks again TIM!! :thumb:
  11. Yo Men!! I was reading the leatest news about Will on mtv.it...... And I have noticed that somebody has written his new single will be SWING.... :bang: :bang: who did write that weak???? I'm angry with the lack of respect about Will in Italy.Mtv.it writes only weacks on will, they don't consider him as rapper and I'm tired to listen the same things.. The new album must give Will the consideration he needs as rapper... swing... :eek4: :bang: :bang: :bang:
  12. It's cool... I hope Will & Jeff perform SWITCH, so everybody will understand that THE dj and THE rapper are back together to rock da house!! :rock: :rock:
  13. :hsnono: It isn't their best.. but it's good :beer:
  14. Only Italian and my English isn't good... :tear:
  15. get hype get hype to the groove... :bowrofl: :bowrofl: TOOOOO Much fun!! this song is really GREAT!! Thank you TIM!!
  16. I love Will's flow in this track.. It's on the same level of Just kickin it!!! no care for what it costed had to ease up though her wrists got frost bit my style flavour delivery my addiction gettin medieval like do in pulp fiction.... I adore these verses!!!!!!!! :thumb:
  17. I love you Tim!!! This track is fantastic
  18. Man today I've listened to willennium again... It's fantastic! Will 2k is great, but so fresh pump me up potnas no more uhh the rain............. Too much FRESH GOOD STUFF!!!
  19. I think it could be a great collaboration for a party track
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