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  1. My lord.. has it been 4 years allready? know i been inactive.. but.. wow still love JJ and Will's music <3
  2. hehehe omg i am falling behind xD Who the hell is Marky Mark ? XD
  3. yea nice song , although i like the snoop doggy dogg tracks more then this one, but Snoop Dogg still has the nicest tracks :P "thats that sh*t" ^^
  4. Can you please upload it one more time, i got a program now that i can download it and then i can put it on my Ipod :D Please please please ;) Signed, Jaime
  5. i suddenly hear the producers qouting Dave Chappelle :P "IM RICH BIATCH!" xD
  6. The Pursuit of Happyness isnt even out in the netherlands yet >< but i downloaded it (sue me :P) and waited for the download to complete to 5am and then watched it to 7am IT WHAS FREEKING WORTH IT!!! Jades is so cute ^^ :1-say-yes:
  7. Men in black 1 "Mirror Mirror on the wall ,i aint to short,i aint to tall, DAMN if i dont have it all!"
  8. such relaxation ;) just what i need in those situations of "DUDE, Im gone kill someone!" Thx alott mate :D
  9. Err... Hotel Rwanda Man On Fire Just Cause Osmosis Jones 4 of 13... Tbh Osmosis Jones and Man on Fire i know well... and thinking Will in either one of those rolls just didnt seem right... maybe will thought the same ? :S
  10. Funny that when Will said no to a role , a white dude took over xD am i the only one to see this ? :P
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