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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. [quote=iceonly,Aug 30 2004, 10:56 AM]:ditto:[/quote] :ditto:
  2. This video is great! JJFP are fantastic on the stage
  3. I don't like vmas this year... probably because I expected Will performing. Vmas could be the right place to perform switch for the first time in us.. Ok, I'll wait for the single
  4. I don't know men...at the vmas there was no mention to his new music..I CAN'T WAIT to listen new stuff :bang: :bang:
  5. I'll never watch vmas on tv...no more
  6. Vmas sux... Will didn't perform, He didn't talk bout switch... so :offtopic:
  7. I hope it will be a huge hit in Italy, but it'll be hard!! The best ws song here was www, #6.... :bang:
  8. I think Arsenal is the best in UK.. They have a great coach, great players: Henry(OH MY GOD!!!!), Reyes, Pires, Vieira..And they play very well!!! what ya think about Italian Serie A? I hope Juventus wins, but if I could choose I'd like Juve wins Champions league... We have lost 3 Finals in the last 8 years!!!! :bang: :bang:
  9. This is history.. :hsnono: U can't give us this kind of questions. We are fans for real
  10. Big Willie Style was my first love, this cd introduced me in the hip hop world...I loved Gettin' jiggy, It's all good, Y'all know, Don't say nothin' and Just Cruisin'...But I have to say Willennium is Will's best Album! It grew slowly in my mind, musically is totally different from BWS, which is more commercial but however excellent! Willennium has a retro style that I prefer. Lyrically Bws and Willennium are perfect, Will rocks the mic..But Willennium has trax like so fresh, pump me up, potnas n no more which u can't find in bws. So... #1 - Willennium #2 - Code Red #3 - Big Willie Style #4 - Homebase #5 - He's the Dj, I'm the rapper
  11. JJFP are unknown in Italy. It's sad but u can't found any of their albums in Italy..So I have to take advantage of my friends' trips... :sonny:
  12. Man I'm sorry!! I've pushed the wrong one...DAMN!!!! :bang:
  13. One of my friend is in L.A. now for his holiday and he has bought for me "and in this corner".. it's not new, it's used but I'm very happy. My collection is more completed :thanks:
  14. I think Will will give us Switch or Miami..
  15. I listen to college dropout... I LOV through the wire n family business... and I always listen to jamiroquai "The return Of the Space Cowboy".. It's real good.. and now I'm listenin to "THESE WORDS" by natasha beddingfield... These are the cd's when I am at home ... in my car JJFP REIGN!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. No kanye!! I hope it's not true... :eek4: :eek4:
  17. :switch: :switch: one or two weeks... IT'S A DREAM!!!
  18. Yo, Tim!! have a glass of beer!! :beer:
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