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  1. When you look at the big picture, I would say Will is the most successful rapper. Other rappers have sold more albums, but then Will crossed over into T.V. and huge movies.
  2. yea wasnt she naked? I'm pretty sure she wasn't but that would just be wrong if she was.
  3. Screw Walmart......I never buy CD's there. Go somewhere else.....unless your in a totally small town there is usually always a second best option. I usually shop at A&B Sound (where I bought L&F). It's kind of like a Canadian Best Buy.
  4. so how would I grab this CD off ya. More details please. I'm from Vancouver Canada if that makes any dif.
  5. I know but I still wanted to have a shot. I didn't know for the life of me #1 (I hate number questions). and the last one tripped me up cuz it was wrong. OTher than that I think I did ok.
  6. I would say a few people are really into L & F right now which leads me to believe that this poll would be different if done in a year or 2. My fav album is .....and in this corner which would put me among a select few that enjoy that one. Lost & Found doesn't hold a candle to JJ&FP's stronger material and it's probably a tie between Willenium for the best of the solo releases.
  7. I dunno I'm thinking the promo on this album wasn't the greatest, bout the only reason I knew it was coming out was cuz I'm on this site. I will temper my expectations to around 80k which is still a good showing. If it's higher then good. Remember that in this age of diminished CD sales that 80 is almost like what 200k was a few years ago.
  8. Basically it's based on opening days sales, and typical falloff patterns. That's how they are able to predict. Agreed that it's early, but it is a good indicator of just how it is doing in conjunction to other artists. If the 80k stands that might squeak in for a top 10 for this week.
  9. http://www.hitsdailydouble.com/news/newsPage.cgi?news05608 ONE-DAY SALES: ATTACK OF THE KILLER B’s Beanie Busts Out, Beck Beats Expectations and The Bravery Buzz Begins to Pay Off March 30, 2005 The big stories coming out of retail in the new-release arena involve Island Def Jam, which is on the way to hitting the trifecta, and Interscope’s Beck, who’s riding a major press onslaught and his accumulated hip cachet to a surprisingly strong first week. And, oh yeah, Shady/Aftermath/Interscope's 50 Cent is a virtual lock to stay at #1 on next week's chart. Whaddaya know, it’s all about UMG once again. The week’s #1 bow appears to be Def Jam’s Beanie Sigel, who’s on target to do 150k, but Beck is much closer than anyone imagined, as Guero appears to be headed to a first-week total just shy of 150k, even as the album jumps to the top of the iTunes chart. Much of Beck’s momentum is due to press coverage describing the new LP as the long-awaited sequel to his 1996 breakthrough, Odelay, as he reunites with that album’s production team, the Dust Brothers. Def Jam’s One Twelve should just top its name, with early returns pointing to a total of around 115k. Then comes Interscope’s Will Smith, who’s showing enough strength at the racks to chalk up an 80k finish, challenged by…um…WB Nashville’s Larry the Cable Guy (pardon our ignorance, y’all, but this one snuck up on us). Along with Beck, the most heartening storyline has to do with Island band The Bravery, which is riding a growing buzz on its vibrant,’80s-rooted sound to a one-week total north of 30k. That’s 4k better than labelmates and stylistic cousins The Killers moved in their debut week. How about that? In the math department, the music biz was up a heartening 12.6% (1.4 million units) over last week, and 9.6% (1.1m) over the same week of 2004, thanks to consumers peeling for 12.2 million units on the week. The healthy action at retail moved the year-to-date deficits, but the industry will need to string together a bunch of similar weeks to get out of the hole. For the year, sales are down 7.2% (-10.4m units) from 2004 on 145 million units.
  10. hey for you guys who think you know FPOB heres a 5 question quiz 1. What was Will's number when he joined the school basketball team? 11 2. Where was the pawn shop located that Will took Ashley to pawn her violin? East L.A 3. Also from the basketball episode talked about in number 1 what legendary point guard was will featuring beating in a ga,e of 1 on 1 for the commercial of AIRFRESH gym shoes? Isaiah Thomas 4. How many times have The Fresh Prince Of Bealir and The Jeffersons crossed paths?(HINT: Only when htey were supposed to be the jeffersons not when they played toher people) I think only twice, once when Lisa and Will are at the Marraige COunselling class, and in I done. 5. Complete this rhyme?????? ANSWERS WILL BE IP NEXT WEEK :peace:
  11. I think they could get the whole cast back together again. Whether they would do that or not anyways. It's nice to see will interested and I'm sure the other guys would consider guest spots. The one person I would see having a problem with it is alfonso......I've read in interviews that he's frustrated at that character because he felt it really typecast him. Tayana Ali has been MIA for a few years, so I'm sure she'd have room on her schedule (plus she was interviewed for the "Back to Belair featurette so she's prolly pretty receptive in general to the show. James Avery ditto. Karyn Parsons, dunno......and whoever played the Mom for the last 3 seasons, dunno.
  12. I'm pretty sure it's compton on the DVD, and everytime I've seen the episode it's been compton except for this one time it aired on Now TV here in Vancouver.
  13. Ok quick review. Hearing it off 64bit VH1 sound. Here is a link if anyone is interested in listening. http://www.vh1.com/artists/az/smith_will/8...opThis=playIt() It's a very nice album, good diversity. I think there is a little bit for everyone on here. The peeps who like the old school freshprince, the newer Will Smith "Men in Black" stuff, and also it maintains a certain amount of street cred (hate that term) that will possibly draw in the harder edge crowd. Many folks are calling this one of the best hip hop albums to drop in a while. I prolly won't go that far, nor do I think it's the best he's ever done (still reserved by the old school JJFP albums). Still it's a huge step forward from Born 2 Reign (which wasn't bad, just not great), and perhaps the best solo work he's done (although Willenium is pretty good too). It will be nice to see this blow up. On a final note. Will drops the F-bomb in Tell Me Why and actually I think makes the song better by driving the urgency and the message home hard. If there ever was a use for a lil profanity that was the time.
  14. I like all the hype it's getting. Wuuldn't surprise me dropping at #1. I say around 200k opening week.
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