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  1. ^^^you're right, but actually, I've never really criticized Will that much. I support his collaborations with Luda, Petey Pablo, Kanye, etc 100%. The problem was my "debate" sadly was about Nick Cannon. Just 2 clear that up for ya'll. 2nd i'm not afraid to voice my opinion. Don't think I'm scared and leaving. I've debated far worse with name callin,foul language, etc at other rap boards. The "beefs" or "debates" over here are kitty cat fights compared to the ones u get at allhiphop or sohh, or any other place. I'm not scared at all. Being a girl, (which a lot of u seem to think I'm a guy) I've held my own against guys over there. I'm not afraid at all. Especially not of the AJ character who is a fan of Nick Cannon. There is no need to be afraid of a Nick Cannon fan lol. Hopefully that clears it up. Since i don't want ppl to misinterpret why I'm leaving. I'm out
  2. ^^^i don't need the "creator" of this board callimg me a crumb for stating my opinion. I'm fine with opinions, but I'm tired of u and always putting ppl down for not agreeing with u. Not just me, but others too. If i'm a "crumb" to u, I don't need to or want to give any news to u. So i'm telling just u jumpingjack man, to find it yourself. I don't want 2 leave, but I'm tired of it here. Plus, I have other boards i'm a part of where ppl discuss rap without being so overly dictative. Thanks 2 u who r being kind even with out disagreements.
  3. i had 2 reply once more just 2 say thanks 2 ya'll who been real good 2 me the short time I've been here. It's been fun. Maybe I will tell some of u the info I get. Who knows. Anyways thanks u guys and I'm not picking on everyone. Just one specific person
  4. he'll be on next week but sorry i can't give u all info cuz i'm leaving this board. I love Will a lot, and I'd be more than happy to give u guys what he says during the interview but, since this little dictator (who apparently likes Jumpinjacks) runnin this place is such a hypocrite and a judgemental person, I've made myself mad enuff 2 get outta here. If u wanna know what I mean go to the Switch remix vid topic. I'll be listening 4 sure next week.
  5. All of Us: More rappers: Xzibit, also known as the host of MTV's Pimp My Ride, plays himself on this Will Smith-produced sitcom. 7 p.m. Tuesday, KTXA/Channel 21 --------------------------- just some news 4 ya
  6. ^^^rappers like... Nick Cannon?! Huh? :eek4: U think Nick Cannon's music is about sex, drugs, and jewerly!?! :nhawong: no, but it's generic, materialistic candy rap (if u call it rap)
  7. "make life seem harder than it really is"?? Where do u live the suburbs? Out here in Cali, there are more than enough ghettos, and NWA is one of the groups that depicted how life really is out there. Try going to Compton, Watts, rap records make it less disasterous than reality. U may not approve of gangsta rap, but alot of their voices need to be heard to. if u wonder why poor blacks say **** the police, it's because of the constant racial profiling. Sometimes u need to appreciate gangsta rap for what it is, It's a voice for the people who don't have one in society.
  8. it's not with Will Smith, it's Will FERRELL
  9. well Suge and Puff's beef isn't as strong as it used to be. U can check MTV.com and their article about the backstage stuff at the VMA's. That's where i read it.
  10. i know that Ice Cube and Will are cool, and Cube was in NWA. Dr. Dre is nothing but a "gay thug" haha according to 2pac. They've all been dissed before. Dre is a joke. He dissed Eazy E after hooking up with Suge Knight so none of em know what they're talkin about anyways. BTW, did any of u hear about Will chillin with Suge Knight backstage at the VMA lounge this year??
  11. it's not like the Station is cancelling Will's appearance. Will might be thinking of the timing for the release of the record. Will has been on Power 106 many times and is close with the DJ, Big Boy. So don't think of this as some diss to Will.
  12. ok guys, i have an update. I was listening to Power 106 and they had a commercial for Thurday's show (tomorrow). They didn't mention Will, so i'm guessin he might not be on this week. On Fridays Big Boy does a long mix with another DJ, so I doubt he'll be on Friday. I'll keep checking for commercials this weekend and next week. If u think about it, next week is the start of November so 'Switch' should be gettin close. I'll keep u updated. Keep this thread goin for now please.
  13. ^^^i don't know what day he'll be on. On Saturday, they just said "next week Will Smith will be up in the neighborhood." It's Wednesday and he wasn't on, so maybe tomorrow or Friday. I'll try my best 2 give ya'll any news.
  14. there's also another positive review at imdb.com from a special screening.
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