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  1. Sono veramente contento che ci sia un altro fan italiano all'interno di questo forum. finalmente un paesano a cui piace will smith e col quale posso scambiare due chiacchere e dire due minchiate! :lolsign:
  2. Pump ya brakes will be a huge hit for sure! that track sounds simply excellent
  3. Thank you man!! Are u italian? your italian was perfect!!! :thumb:
  4. Yeah, Fresh Prince is totally involved in the game. I think he raps as well as ever in the new album... WE ALL can't wait... 29 march will be one of the most beautifull day of the year :scared2:
  5. :ditto: It's time for something fresh and new in hip hop!!
  6. Pump ya brakes sounds very good.. IT'S PURE JJFP, but in 2005
  7. Man, i'm workin on a beat right for u. u know, in italy the sound is very different, so i'm trying to make something good for your flow.. :sonny:
  8. AJ, I'm sad you are not 100% involved in that stuff.. Of course I respect your opinion. Tim, I have to thank you to let me having 10 minutes of Fantastic Hip hop. The stuff Of L&F I heard is simply AMAZING and INSANE..those trax heve to be singles, make something to make WILL release them.. I never heard Will in this way. I don't know if it will be better than willennium or code red, but now i feel it's his best album. :fingersx:
  9. I preferred more trax... OK, no problem, I hope this album will be on the same level of Willennium and code red!! and IT WILL BE!!! :rock:
  10. Men, the first time I rated switch I gave it 8....Now I saw the video on Mtv... It's in heavy rotation on it in Italy... that video is soooo cooool and fresh... AND NOW I LOVE IT!!!!! Switch is very wonderfull, amazin incredible... Thank u Will to give us another important page in hip hop history!! :thumb:
  11. Kanye West - The college dropout Jay-Z - The blueprint Nas - Illmatic LL Cool J - Mama said knock u out :ali: Fugees - The Score Outkast - all their stuff..... Talib Kwali - all his Stuff JJ+FP - CODE RED Notorius big - Ready to die Articolo 31 - Così com'è ( they are italians)
  12. Where are tray-knox...... AHAHAH :hilarious: :hilarious:
  13. BWS - GETTIN' JIGGY wit it WILLENNIUM - impossible decision... I'd say SO fresh and NO more B2R - u don't believe me but I really love 3trax.. ACT like u know, How da beat goes and gimmie tonite
  14. I hope the new album has a track like I wanna rock or pump me up. JJ&fp rock the house when they do their thing :rock:
  15. The new album will be colossal :scared2:
  16. I can't speak of rock the house cuz I haven't it.. I'd say CODE RED, the most underrated album of hip hop history It's incredible it didn't go platinum, but we all know it's great we are lucky to have it. I'm very involved in many trax of that album, I love the beat on it and FP flow is simple excellent!! There aren't trax like just kickin'it or I wanna rock(my favourite jjfp), and all the code red stuff is a masterpiece!! I love all their albums, but this one is simply the best :thumb:
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