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  1. Hey guy, where u at? ok, I got u.... :chuks: :ali: :liar: :scope: :mikelowry: Die please :bowdown:
  2. Articolo 31 - Voglio una lurida :hilarious:
  3. Yesterday I finally saw Hitch.... Men I love that Movie, For me his best !! I love it I love ti I love it!!!!! :thumb: :thumb:
  4. That's good for people who didn't believe in switch... I don't know if it will be #1... who knows!! but It worked good, now I think it's the time for the second single which will tell us how many people like L+F.....
  5. Men, promotion for lost & found is very good here in Italy..... This morning on during a show they said the one of the most important things of this week will be the release of L+F the first of april.... I never saw that for others will's album!!! but I must wait for 4 f****** days!!!!
  6. Jazzy Jeff & fresh Prince - I'M ALL THAT :bowrofl: :bowdown:
  7. I can't answer cuz I haven't the album yet... :cussing:
  8. Chemical Brithers - Galvanize the beat for that track is amazing!!!!!!!!! :chuks:
  9. In Italy Switch is still #8... Incredible!! last time I saw will on charts in italy, was with wild wild west which was at #6
  10. I don't care about sales, I hope only L+F be good... and it is!! anyway, i'd like see will smith blazes the charts but this depends by second single. If WHY will confirm to be great, We'll have a 4x platinum
  11. My name is DARIO ( italian name) :antlers:
  12. Candy shop is the worst song I've ever listened to.... the beat is boring, 50's flow sux and the lyric... PLEASE STOP GUY!!! :scope:
  13. My GOD!!! I wanna the album but storerecords haven't it yet It would be dope if Freshman was WIll.... But it's possible cuz If u remember he said he produced beats by himself!!
  14. This stuff is simply great!!!! will is beating all the others mcs :chuks: :ali:
  15. I can't listen to lost & found.... vh1 player is suckin' .... :tear: :cussing: :cussing:
  16. Jamie was Great... Hollywood found another Denzel!!! :sonny:
  17. Amazing... This album will be great for sure!!! :thumb:
  18. Frankie HI-NRG - Quelli che ben pensano It's a classic Italian hip hop track.. EXCELLENT!!! :clap:
  19. This is the link for TRL in Italy.. VOTE FOR SWITCH!! TRL
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