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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. Big willie style willennium born to reign Will smith greatest hits code red homebase he's the dj I'm the rapper JJ+FP Greatest hits The Magnificent
  2. :rock: :rock: We all want the same thing... JJ+FP!!! I hope the new album is a perfect mix of code red and willennium, with a track like pump me up or I wanna rock
  3. I'm all that the magnificent Jazzy Jeff He's the dj I'm the rapper Brand new funk summertime I'm lookin for the one twinkle twinkle I wanna rock (OF COURSE!!!!) Scream Trapped on dancefloor
  4. Yeah man! kanye and Will is my dream :rock:
  5. It was #6 in Italy single chart.. very good for will here!
  6. These tracks are the best of the album! But born to reign, even if it's too shoort, is good too!!!!
  7. I don't know, but this collaboration could be good for a party track! :beer:
  8. No doubt, men. Jeff will be in it. He's touring with will, so this summer they are promoting the return of jjfp!! JAZZY JEFF & FRESH PRINCE BACK UP IN YA FACE!! :drunk:
  9. You're right AJ... and Just kickin' it is one of the best track of code red cuz of his different flow! :sonny:
  10. You are very lucky men!!! :bang: :bang:
  11. MY GOD!!!! there is any possibility to see him touring in Italy?... DAMN!!!
  12. WOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!Man these pics seem too cool.. I wish I've been there!!! JJFP back together is what we all want!! Go on WILL!!!!!
  13. Too many good news... this can be one of the greatest will's year!! WILL & KANYE...FANTASTIC!!!
  14. Will isn't a rapper in Italy. people know him as actor and the only songs they have listened to..gettin' jiggy, miami...party songs. But I have to say that I have code red and and my friends usually listen to it, and they love I WANNA ROCK!! And I'm very happy to see they don't like will only because they've never listened to his true hip hop! Code red is simply perfect, no dubt.It's one of the best hip hop album os all times,and I don't care it didn't sell milions.. I love it and that's all!!!!!!! :thumb:
  15. Tim, what do u think about swicht??? is it good?
  16. I can't believe man!!! JJ+FP back together!!!! Man I can't wait to listen the new album :bang:
  17. Yo men! I got the college dropout last week and I must say that it's a great album, different from the other weaks we have to listen every day on the radio.. I think Kanye's album is fantastic expecially for his lyrics! I love songs like Throgh the wire, family business, never let me down, all falls down, we don't care... There's good stuff!! I don't know how the album is cosidered in US, but in Italy a magazine called 'Hip hop magazine' writes about it as a weak album, without something new or good...in his rewiew college dropout has 3stars and chicken and beer 4 stars... there's something wrong!! It talks bout the black album as a masterpiece but in my opinion Kanye is on a higher level..It's depressing!! :bang: :bang:
  18. Code red is their best work for real.. :rock: only willennium is on the same level men!!
  19. It's too hard... So fresh The rain .......... ......... There is too much stuff men!!!
  20. I hope the album has as more trax as possible with jj. if he wants to do some old skool, he needs jeff!! :rock:
  21. The new album is done.... WOW!!! I can't wait to listen to it!! :cussing: :cussing:
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