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  1. As we all kno, Will Smith has made ALOT of songs in the last.. um alot of years. I was wondering wuts ur favourite Will Smith song from all hes past songs? My personal favourite songs were : 1000 kisses - Will Smith ft. Jada PInkett Smith Chasing Forever u say i say yall know Got to b real - Mary. j blige ft. Will Smith :dj: tell me wuts ur fav songs!!! :thumb:
  2. I dun think making mib3 is a good idea.. i mean the first two movies were about the same topic, n wuts gonna be the third movie bout? MOre aliens, more guns, more disaster on earth. I agree wit Badboy4life, they shud make bad boys 3...it is such a good movie n i luved it!!! :thumb: If u stil havent seen it *even tho ur a will smith fan*, go buy a dvd or rent it n see it NOW!!!
  3. yea i hv the soundtrack too and i luvvv it!!! i take it everhywher i go~ :rock:
  4. this weekend i went to the movies to see Sharktale and i thought it was a GREAT movie! my friends loved it, and most importantly, i luved it for sure! I was just wondering if u guys think sharktale 2 wud be sucessful if it came out... i personally don't think so but maybe it jus mite! :dunno: the ending of shartale was kind of disappointing..it was good but not GREAT.. overall i think its an excellent movie n mayb dey shud consider shark tale 2?... mayb wit a different story to it other than sharks...perhaps oscar (will smith) joining the mob lolz or somethin lik tht... :thumb: If u guyz didn't see the movie yet, u shud go see it i recommend yall to see it NOW~ GO GO GO! :clap:
  5. i dun want to get in this argument and i don't want to make it worst so ill jus stay out of ur ways... :dunno: wow i cant believe it thts so good! I saw the movie this weekend and i thought it was just Amazing! every 5seconds they make a joke and it is ALWAYS funny with will smith and jack black.. the make good partners n they shud do another movie together..
  6. aww he looks SOoOoOoOo adorable in the picture! He actually looks JUST lik Will! aww.... heh.. well i wanna see the video now.. :thumb:
  7. i got the soundtrack about 2 weeks ago and i LOVE it! mi favourite songs are: Got to be real-By Mary j blige and WILL SMITH :thumb: secret love-jojo get it together-india.arie. mi 3 favourite songs i listenn to them whenever i can!
  8. What are u talking about? i loved the poll! lol :thumb: hey it was great i was bored anyways.... In mi opinion, i lik will smith WAY better than jazzy jeff but thats just me..
  9. I'm not here to talk bad about cassidy, but i think he said the wrong thing. I mean come on, its WILL SMITH! he's sweet, funny, generous, and caring. So maybe cassidy shud reconsider what he said cuz i don't think it's tru! Or maybe hes jus jealous.. :lookhehe: :dink:
  10. i think all the deleted scene's should've been kept in ther..too bad the movie was too long.. well it stil was a funny movie n i always see it again wen i hv a chance to.. its so funny! :lookhehe: its one of mi fav. moviez~
  11. Even though the name isnt as great.. i still think the movie is gonna be GREAT! :thumb: i wud see the movie the first day it comes out! i luv romantic comedies, and most imporantly, i LUV will smith!
  12. I think if bad boys 3 EVER came out *which i hope so*, we wud ALL watch it for sure! we're Will's fans and Will smith n martin Lawrence work GREAT together, so why not put them together for another sequel? the idea is BRILLIANT! :clap: I really hope bad boys 3 comes out or else im gonna start punching some1!! :ali: :bang:
  13. is it a good game? i nvr saw it be4. this is mi first time seeing it or hearing it... :what: plz tell me if its a good movie or not? thanks~ :thumb:
  14. Yea i hv to shark tale soundtrack too and i luv it! i cant stop listenin to it~ i luv tht song by india.arie and jojo- secret love. :thumb: But most importantly, i LOVE the song "got to be real"! Will raps so good~ i hv his other albums n his voice changed since his last album. well if u guys saw the movie tell me wut u think!
  15. u guys r absolutely RITE! he is so hott! especially in I Robot n bad boyz 2! He is one fine guy...i REALLY REALLY wanna be jada but i think dey make a good couple.. :clap: too bad i cant hv him tho..otha wise i wudn't hesitate to say yes! cuz he is FINE lolz.. i relali cant wait to see shark tale, im gonna see it this weeekend wit mi friends... :switch: i also cant wait til the album comes out in january! i cant wait tht long but i hv no other choice! c yaz~
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