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  1. yes Aj... I'm listening to michael jackson all the time, and I've found out that I'm a huge fan of him. in these days I bought bad and dangerous and they are amazing albums, for me expecially dangerous has amazing beats ( in the closet and jam are incredibles ). his music wiil be the soundtrack of my summer!!! RIP MJ,you are a genious
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fm1pbPVoYpo I have never watched it.... IT'S GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. good question.... JJFP video I'd say Summertime... classic... Will Smith video... Will 2k close to So fresh..... I prefer SO FRESH
  4. Robin Thicke - Superman I love this song... his best one
  6. yes, I remember that!!! That was too fun!! Bonolis is a great entertainer and Will was in the period of Hitch, he made laughing all the time.. they did a great job together!!!!
  7. Hitch!!!!!!!!! and very close ALI
  8. check it out!! http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=1yYwkWqibfE
  9. I watched the movie yesterday.... it' s a good movie with a strong ending.... but till the last part, the movie isn't so great for me. I mean, good story, shocking ending, but untill you don't reach the last part, the movie could be boring.... many people in the cinema were quite bored.... fortunately the ending makes you change your opinion. Anyway I prefer others kind of movie for will. for me ths is that kind of movie I watch once......
  10. :yeahthat: Will... stop to be MR Hollywood and turn again as FRESH PRINCE....... PLEAZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  11. http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=3WNmA9QbS6Y&...feature=related I think it's nice
  12. Fresh Prince is dead... Now There's only an actor that I don't know... He changed in last years... I love the fresh prince, not this guy
  13. I really don't like these new beats.... I MISS late 90's music!!!!!!!!
  14. http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=pA71QzenHRo this is nice.... ahah
  15. J ax - buonanotte Italia one of his greatest song.. it's a pity that j ax and dj jad broke up... they were THE ITALIAN HIP HOP, ARTICOLO 31 4EVER
  16. I can't agree.... making money acting doesn't mean you are the greatest. to be onest we can't paragon him to De niro, Pacino, Denzel or Morgan Freeman... Will has earned more than them in ten years, but he's not on their level.. this is what I think. and talkin about music, IT's sad listening Will saying that stuff. Tim is right, if u started loving Will for His music ten years ago, u have a different perspective.I love his music but to be honest I lost my respect for him.. I know u all will kill me, but what he makes me think it's that the only thing for him is money... that's why he likes actintg. and I could understand that, but when U have so much money, u can find a moment for music if music is your love
  17. SORRY FOR ALL MY MISTAKES!!!!!!!!! :sorry: :bowdown:
  18. a video would have been nice.... that song is pure hip hop.. the whole "The magnificent" is great.... remembre the first time I heard about this song wsa on this site, after 2 months I bought the album and I was really imoressed!! It was true hip hop, different from all that crap out in that period
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFZ3jZlcurM the best song of the magnificent.... the beat is so soulfull......DOPE SONG
  20. LL Coll J - The Do Wop This song is simply a classic... This is hip hop, the rap game.... I MISS OLD SKOOL
  21. 112 - Cupid this song is one of the first RNB songs I've ever listened.. bring me back in 1996....love it
  22. nice!!!! It'd have been impossible to put in the movie, but it's very fun!!
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