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  1. great video!! I can't believe Interscope will not release an official one... Tell me why is an amazing song, it's the best side of the fresh prince
  2. It's a good song, but it makes me think about STAN... when I heard Will saying "...p s ...." it's like stan, that's why I don't want loretta to be a single
  3. I think code red... But every JJFP album is different. If u like Willennium, maybe code red is the right one, homebase if u like dancing, he's the dj if u like the true old skool hip hop
  4. I think It will be a miracle if We 'll see the video for tell me why.... but I'd like to see a video for Lost&found or Mr niceguy
  5. U all are right bout will and the fact he didn't support himself at his best. I mean, Lost and found is one of the best albums of 2005, but once again he did another movie instead to promote his album.. 6 months between 2 singles are too much time.. Gwen stefani has released 3 singles in the same period! but I have to say one thing: first time I saw the video for Party starter on Aol.com I thought it Would have been the best single of the year, but radio didn't play it and for me that's not Will's fault cuz the song and the video are INCREDIBLE!!! When my friends are in my car and I have L&F in my stereo, when they listen to party starter they say: " WOW!! Who's this?"....It's true
  6. well, I voted Willennium. I consider it as a full JJFP album,and it is. the beats are perfect, I don't pay attention to la fiesta...that's not hip hop. But the album has amazing stuff: so fresh, pump me up, potnas, the rain, Will2k, and NO MORE that I consider one of his best track ever!!! said that, I love lost & found, but the beats aren't on the same level of willennium.. I think the best beats of the album are chosen one and comin to the stage, 2 bonus trax... lyrically l&f is great,well written and focused! it's a pity cuz not all the beats are on the same level, think about wave em off... amazin rhymes, poor beat..
  7. I wanna rock I'm looking for the one Summertime This boy is smooth Just kickin' it ....................................... I didn't put any track of the first album, but it doesn't mean that I don't like them... he's the dj, time to chill,the magnificent,charlie mack, jeff was on the beatbox maybe are my favourite of the first period of jjfp
  8. I have no words... THNAK U SO MUCH MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. DOpe!! I'm pretty happy to see that Will performs I wanna rock every time he had a concert
  10. I think lost&found is lyrically his best, but the beats on willennium are timeless. and his flow is better in Willennium... think about uhhh,I'm comin and who am I
  11. I don't think it's a problem for a real fan. U can download the album, but if u a F.A.N. u'll buy the original
  12. Yeah, the same for me!!I put K west at number 3, I like his album but I prefer college dropout... For me Lost & found and be are the best albums of this year!
  13. I like the rmx of I wanna rock and just cruisin'
  14. Kanye West - Hey mama damn, I love this track
  15. No more The rain Chasin forever just kickin it Somethin like dis I'm all that This boy is smooth Scream Act like u know could u love me
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