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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. Still holding out hope for this one.
  2. Does anyone have Nothing on my Mind?
  3. I expect Will to drop something when I am Legend comes out. I would be really surprised if nothing comes out around that time.
  4. Well, I guess I'm showing my age when the topic is wackest of all time and the artist are mostly from the late 90's and today. Rappin Duke- Da Hah? That would go on my list of wackest hip-hop songs of all time.
  5. Unfortunately I agree with you. I was really hoping he would win so we could get some new music soon. I bet he takes the role about the chess teacher now to get another shot. I hope he gets this Oscar soon or there really won't be any new music.
  6. I read somewhere that the rubiks thing was just a movie visual to show how sharp Gardners mind is.
  7. I wonder what the commercial was all about? Maybe it was a last minute change in plans. Seems to happens a lot with Will. I remember expecting to see the Party Starter video "live" and that didn't happen either.
  8. Maybe they will get recognized for receiving the first Rap Grammy.
  9. Anyone know what season and episode Will is listening to "Not Gonna Be Able To Do It"?
  10. I don't see any reason why they would perform together unless it's to start a farewell tour. Maybe they are getting an award for what they did as a group.
  11. Does he have love for FP? I believe he said in a rhyme one time that he still has sold more albums than Will. Maybe someone can tell me what he was trying to say with that.
  12. I just learned that Will is in this years Grammy lineup. Is he going to perform or just present?
  13. While the debate continues as to whether Will has retired or not, I would just like some "new" stuff out. Maybe a b-sides album of all the non major hit songs included on the singles or a previously unreleased songs album. What do you guys think?
  14. Yeah, I'm hoping that since it was included in a JJFP "Best Of" cd, maybe a future DVD will include it too. Must been recognized as a hit by some bigwig somewhere or I don't it would have made it to a cd. Maybe it was a "clubbanger".
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