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  1. If we're talkin about the quality, this album is amazin'... Will was lyrically great, the beats were very good.. It's a pleasure listen to him again!! about the sales, this album could have done better in according with his quality... gold isn't soo good for l+f, but we can do nothing, Interscope sux as other labels and Will himself could have done more to support it. it's a pity but I'm very happy Will released a great album, I didn't think to an album like this after born to reign. I'm impressed!!! :wickedwisdom:
  2. U can't forget 4 trax: The magnificent jazzy jeff I'm all that I wanna rock Just kickin' it
  3. Uhhh is a great track,good beat and great verses of Fresh Prince and Kel Spencer.. I remember the first times I listened to the album I didn't like Uhhh, now I think it's one of the best track of the album..I love Willennium cuz for me it's a jjfp album, so fresh and pump me up are pure JJFP songs! The only track that I can't listen is La fiesta. It's his worst track, with I can't stop.. The rest of the album is perfect
  4. :tantrum: :damnyou: :chuks: :ShockRifle: Pras - Ghetto Superstar
  5. U are lucky man!! It's the only album that I haven't yet and it's impossible to get here in italy... I wish I had That!!!
  6. This is what all the fans around the world want!!!!
  7. I listened to it 2 days ago...this album is classic!! I listened to No More,Uhhh,So fresh, Potnas and the rain.. men these trax are still fresh after 6 years. Willennium is a masterpiece
  8. I don't only blame Will...Interscope it to blame! MTV is to blame! the record industry is to blame and BET is to blame! Hell even the real hip hop heads are to blame! I'm just saying that people on this board need to wake up! Not everything that Will does is good! Sure he did his best and gave us one of his best albums ever! I love and respect him for that! I just wished he would have done more for this album, becuase it is a beauty! U R RIGHT!!!! It's not only will's fault, It's interscope's, mtv's and so on!! I really don't care about how much the album is sellin, but U all care about it. so answer the question: is enough to release a single every 7 months? Bigted, u told that other rappers perform only their singles during their show..ok, u r right but they release a new album every year, so people know about their music. Will released his last single with black suits comin,cuz nobody remerbers about 1000kisses, so u think that Switch is enough to convince people to buy the album? Please! I tell u that many people bought the album for switch and MR niceguy, trust me!! I think he needed to perform more n more...I know that we all would have liked to see L+F going platinum cuz it's a great album, but what we can do if all the world try to not pay attention to Will's rap career?
  9. Men, I love Will smith but It's time to face the truth.. Lost and found is an amazin album,but what do people know about it?...nothin, but Switch!! It's unbelieveble that others rappers and singers release a single every 3 months and Will every 7 months..So Interscope sux cuz they should have been released PS in JUNE!!! and Will..What did he do to face this situation? NOTHIN, He shoot another movie!! I think that Will has enough money to live till the end of the world, so he could focus on promoting album and releasin singles!! I have to admit that people who listen to hip hop now are EMPTYHEADS, that's why good rappers don't sell so much, but Will could do more for his/our dope album :word:
  10. I can't believe it...the video is great and the song is perfect...I'll never understand why labels don't support what Will does!!
  11. He needs a tour, he needs to perform.... he's acting...Why? Party starter is a great song and it hasn't the right support.. This is what I hate of Will: he says he's a rapper but everytime he puts his movies above his rap career!! Stop acting and start rappin Fresh prince!! u Gotta give a worldwide tour to your fans
  12. Yep. Same for Lost And Found i think.Only this time it`s interscoop. U are Right!! I think that releasing a single in 7 months it's not the right way to support one of the best album of the last two years... I can't believe that :damnyou: :damnyou:
  13. So Fresh is one of the best track of Willennium.. I really love it, the video is dope,there is jj...It's pure JJFP but in the year 2K! when u listen to so fresh and pump me up it's like u go back in mid 80's..Amazin'!! I think when willennium was released, Will wanted to turn himself into the fresh prince again.u know, the executive producers of the album are dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince, jeff produced 9 trax and was on each single out of willennium..I think that Will wanted JJFP again, but sony killed that cuz they never supported will, if u remember Will paid for the video of so fresh and sony "boycotted" it...DAMN!! :davidblaine: :davidblaine:
  14. Yo, It's the first time that I've seen this video.... Jada is so pretty!!!!!!!!
  15. dope track, do you like "Revolving Door"? listening to The Sugarhill Gang - Showdown Yes, I like it too!!!!
  16. I didn't like his "latin" songs... Thank God that there aren't trax like that on lost n found! :hail:
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