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    My favorite artist is Will Smth. I also love watching the WWE.

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  1. If you are a Boy Meets World fan or not e-mail a request for season 4 to be released on DVD. Send it to disneyinfo@disneyhelp.com
  2. Rapper by far. I still like him as an actor though, FPOBA was crazy.
  3. Is Kel Spencer signed to a major label? If so what label and when is his album coming out? Thanks
  4. What rappers is Will cool with? Nelly, LL Cool J, The Game....? Thanks
  5. To me some of Will Smith's singles werent half as good as other songs on his CDs. I mean Chasing Forever, Candy, The Rain, and Afro Angel were all classic songs to me.
  6. I dont have all of the JJFP albulms or heard all of there songs to fairly say which ones are my favorite. The reason I only have one song from lost in found is simply because Tell Me Why is going to be a single and Switch is a single. I liked tracks from Will's first 3 cds better than Lost and Found. That is just my opinion.
  7. Sorry for not clearifying it, you can add Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince songs too.
  8. What is your top 10 favorite Will Smith songs that was not a single? Mine Are: 1) Chasing Forever 2) Candy 3) Afro Angel 4) The Rain 5) Yes Yes Y'all 6) Give me Tonight 7) I Gotta Go Home 8) Loretta 9) Who am I 10) Pump me Up
  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tatyana_Ali
  10. Will Jazzy Jeff or Will Smith be involved with Tatyana Ali's next album, because I read that she is currently recording it.
  11. On Fresh Prince Season 2 DVD, what is the extra Best Bits of Bel-Air? Also are the Bloopers unscene or are they what they show at the end of each episode? Thanks
  12. Is He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper a two disc CD or is it double sided? Thanks Alot
  13. The reason why I asked is because Will Smith introduced him at the BET Awards. He made me a little more interested in Game. Thanks Goes to whoever put it up.
  14. Does anyone have Game's Hate it Or Love it video? Thanks Alot
  15. Thanks Alot, I was looking for interviews all over over the internet.
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