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  1. JJFP - So fresh ( the video ) " ........jazzy jeff & fresh prince 4eva!!!!!"
  2. Thank you all!!!!!!!! I'll have my party tomorrow in a pub of a friend of mine, and I'll be the dj....ahah!! This is the tracklist for the first hour: Will Smith - Party Starter Black Eyed Peas - My humps W. Jean - Another one bites the dust Pras - haven't found Tupac - California love Bomfunk Mc's - Freestyler Kanye West - Gold Digger LL cool j - Control Myself Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl Will Smith feat Snoop - Pump ya Brakes DMX - X gonna give it to Ya Crazy Town - Butterfly JJFP - I wanna rock one beat produced by myself Beyonce - Crazy in love Jamiroquai - Supersonic Nelly - Hot in herre ( I don't like it but My friends.......) and so on........
  3. hey men!! Yesterday I got The soul mixtape for my Birthday.... I really like it!!! It's a great album, 2 new jj trax... It's a great mixtape!!!!!
  4. I'd say I wanna rock as jjfp's video!!!!!!! I voted Will2k, but so fresh and party starter are close to it
  5. It's too hard.... I go with I WANNA ROCK.... But I love I'm lookin' for the one
  6. Jamiroquai - Scam......... I love this track, the whole album space cowboy is a masterpiece, it's a pity jamiroquai haven't the inspiration that they had one time
  7. every time I watch to this video, I think about the power of this song... IT's the best Will Smith song ever, no doubt... and I'm sure it would have been the best single in 2005 if it was released.. WHAT A DOPE SONG, it's perfect, the beat,MJB, Will's flow, everything is exellent
  8. In Italy I think he will be remember For gettin' jiggy.... It's that kind of song that drives people crazy on a dancefloor...Maybe in U.S. Will is more popular for Summertime cuz it's his classic, but here Hip hop is too young and people know Will as MC, not JJFP.. I've never found a JJFP album in Italy, I bought them on Internet and during my holiday in L.A.
  9. I can't agree julie.. I think movies stole rap soul of Will.. it's only my way to see this thing. I REPEAT he's one of the most talented rappers ever, but maybe doing movies makes him more happy than goin to the stage and rappin in front of his fans, that's why he doesn't have a tour from years sorry for my bad english today...........
  10. I dont know Julie... Will had that problem with sony, now with interscope.... I think that's something wrong, can't he decided which singles release? I think he can, but I don't believe that the fact that party starter was released after 7months his interscope's fault.. Explain me why a label that has a gold album doin very well with only one single cannot release a new single after 3or4 months
  11. And that's true, but what makes me mad is that the only album that had good promotion was Big Willie Style. Willennium B2R L+F had promotion close to 0.... I don't understand why he released switch and then party starter after 7 month... I'm not discussing the choice of the singles, but the time passed between singles.... that's totally wrong. I look at BWS, he released party trax and just the two of us two, 10,000,000 of people bought that album. I know that it's impossible right now repeat that numbers cuz of internet, piracy but WHY he CAN'T RELEASE SINGLE EVERY 3 MONTHS AS NORMAL SINGER DOES?............this is the reason why today Will Smith is known As actor and not as rapper..WHAT A PITY!
  12. ok, but why does Will Release only one single for each album? I think it's stupid, lost n found could have given Will the respect he needs, Don't be surprised if when people think about Will Smith the only trax they remember are gettin jiggy, MIB and Miami.....that's why most of the hip hop fans don't respect him at all.. He wrote incredible trax that none knows, but I still think it's his fault if nobody knows them
  13. I think Will is an actor now.. He lost his will to be a mc, if it would be the opposite he would have done more for lost and found. Lost and found is lyrically one of the best 2005albums, but people will rember only switch and not tell me why or other deep trax... It's Will's fault, I'll never change my idea on that
  14. I don't say he should stop with movies, but he should give his music more respect.. I'll always love Will smith stuff, but I'm loosing my respect for him cuz he never had a tour or something to promote his albums.. his last two albums have had only one single, black suits comin for born to reign and switch for L+F..... u can't consider 1000kisses and party starter as singles cuz they had been released light years after the first ones.. maxfly u r right, the key is promoting and I think Will has enough money to promote his albums by himself, I don't understand which sense has releasing a single after seven months when nobody else will buy your album, and which sense has to not release the song you consider your best one ever... this is lack of respect for the fans that have always support him, I'm not saying that i don't like Will SMith, I believe he's one of the most talented rappers ever but movies stole his rap soul...
  15. Thank u man... I really like K west, and Jamie foxx is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
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