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  1. Here he comes - 7... I like cuz it's jjfp, good intro but it's not on the level of I'm all that Party Starter - 8 1/2....I didn't like it, now the video is out and I love it!! Switch - 7...The beat is great, that's all Mr Niceguy - 8... Great lyric and beat, I'll never skip it Ms Holy Roller - 8.... It's the kind of track that U'll never see as single but that makes an album GREAT Lost & Found - 9... the most hip hop track of the album, I hope it will be a single Tell me why - 8...Strong lyric, good beat...it will be succesful! I love it I wish I made That - 9.... as ms holy roller!! Swagga - 7...Great Beat Pump ya breakes - 7 1/2... I don't like the verses of snoop...they are borin If u can't dance - 8... This track is grown in me, it's very fun!! Could u love me - 8 1/2.... I love everything of this track,the beat is perfect Loretta - 7.... I like it, but it's like Em' stan... that's why I give it 7 Wave em off - 7... Good lyric but the beat is the worst of the album Scary Story - 7.... Switch r n b - 7 1/2.... Sometimes it seems better than the original Comin to the stage - 9... Why is it a bonus track? Chosen one - 9...Why is it a bonus track?
  2. Mary J Blige feat Will Smith - Got to be real
  3. I don`t diss Rihana.. I juts think Artits like here shouldn`t be on Def Jam! Same for 112..I love 112,I realy love them but i don`t think they should be on dDef Jam.. :iagree: finally Jay-z has done somethin' good
  4. Will Smith - Chosen one Great song!! it's a pity it's a bonus track......
  5. :davidblaine: :davidblaine: :davidblaine: :davidblaine: :davidblaine:
  6. Quenn - Too much love will kill U Green Day - Minority Midge Ure - Breathe
  7. I wanna see him #1!!! The video is simply amazin' and it's time for him to get the right place in the music world... C'mon Fresh Prince!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Tell me why It must have been love I don't want to miss a thing
  9. I was an expert carwasher!!!! I've done for 7 years, even when I was at University..... :1-say-yes:
  10. Jamiroquai - Picture of my life.... great song men!!!
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