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  1. I think pete rock is perfect for the fresh prince... But I really really love to see the fresh prince rapping on something of kanye and pharrel
  2. comin' to the stage is the best... lyrically I love chosen one, I don't like we won't
  3. Great!!! I'm very happy for LL... and his album is amazing, I love it
  4. I've voted right now and the fresh prince is #1!!!!!!
  5. Simply The best album I bought This year.. and yes, down the aisle is a great track.. I LOVE TODD SMITH!!!!!!!!
  6. I love I wanna rock.. Perfect song
  7. in my opinion Willennium is a JJFP album.. IT says executive producers JAZZY JEFF AND FRESH PRINCE.... and don't u forget that jazzyjeff is on each single. Will wanted to release So fresh as second single but columbia refused cuz they wanted to keep the image of will smith as hollywood superstar. BUT I believe that Will wanted a come back of JJ and FRESH PRINCE, I'm sure!!
  8. In italy, party starter is played in the clubs....but radio never play it
  9. I prefer the original, but I don't like boom shake the room. In Italy if there is someone that knows jjfp,it's for summertime, not for boom shake the room.
  10. I know it's nothing, but Party starter is still #9 at hip hop/rnb chart for music played in the clubs.. this is the linkCHART....... It's a pity that ps was released too late!!!
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