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  1. Well i don't think anyone would want to with the state the world is in right now
  2. This topic is gonna be an on-going one for eva now. Right Now im Listening to Rock Box by Run DMC If im not mistaken that would be the first eva Rap/Rock fusion. Ace tune
  3. Im gutted but i can't make tonight's chat. Hope you all have a good one, just don't leave me out when ya all finsihed and know each other that little bit more :oops:
  4. Yeh good to hear he's still going, i've got both his 1st 2 albums. Although gangsta which isn't to everybosy's tastes here his first album is an amazing story LP of growing up, Girls, fights, and the loss of loved ones, an amazing debut. Get it if you find it cheap anywhere
  5. Birthday central lately, Have a gud one dude :jig:
  6. Although im sure the single will be ace, if a few of us don't like it don't let it put you off getting the album when it is released. Even tho its bound not to be a type of song that was written personally to be a single its probably gonna be the most commercial track off the new album and maybe not the best. Why am i getting so worried :dunno: ITS GONNA BE ACE
  7. Yeh defo the tour question. And just for him to check out the site sometime when he's surfing da net
  8. BTW whatever happend to the light funky ones. I thought they had the whole boy-band thing sorted. Something alittle different.
  9. Yeh My Wife & Kids is ace Two Guys A Girl & A Pizza Place was pretty cool That 70's Show And WWE wrestling
  10. Nope, seen em all about a dozen times each but doesn't stop me watching it. Its fun when ay remember the quote thats coming up and you say it along with it. Enjoy the epsidoes all over again buddy
  11. What a shock to here, but what a great shock, Maybe the video will be circulating soon then
  12. Represent Tim. Have an ace time, as if i have to tell you.
  13. What an Xmas prezzie this'll be for us then. December will come around in no time at all. Can't wait.
  14. Actually there mite be a small chance Im DJ-ing that night. I got a fill in job 4 weneva the normal dude at our pub doing it isn't around, which so far has been about 6 time out of the last 10 weeks. Hopefully i'll be here
  15. Nice to see some Rock fans here too. Hip Hop and Rock 4eva
  16. In the HMV summer sale they are selling Nuyorican Soul on sale for £4.99. THis album is a compilation brought to you by Masters At Work and features the quite rare song by JazzyJeff (Jazzy Jeff's Theme) Definately an album worth checking out for that price. Kev
  17. How could you miss out Arrested Developments - People Everyday Len - Steal My Sunshine
  18. Lately its been N.E.R.D - Fly Or Die (A Shock of a good album) Beastie Boys - To The 5 Boroughs (BTW AJ did you get hold of this album yet? You wont be dissapointed) Will Smith - Born To Reign (Still Growing On Me) Van Halen - Best OF Volume 1 (Something you guys woudn't expect)
  19. Yeh it was quite shocking. Im getting to that age where i've stop expecting so much of England in tournaments. The first proper tournament i watched them in was Euro 96 and we lost by penalties in that, penalties again in World Cup 98, and now in 2004 too. However hopefull i am we'll bounce back, who knows now
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