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  1. Welcome back. So good to hear from you. Always think of you when Chasing Forever comes on, as i remember it being your fave track, and that amazing painting of Jeff you did.
  2. Really looking forward to this. Will hopefully be a highlight for 2020 which has let's be honest, and awful year for all.
  3. I have the Word 2 common 12inch vinyl. Nice piece in my JJFP collection. Some other cool tracks on there to.
  4. I still check in everyday. But it's hard to start new topics out of thin air. Respect for Tim for keeping things going here. We speak regularly in a whatsapp group a few of us joined when planning the 2017 JJFP shows we attended and we speak quite regularly on that.
  5. I didn't to the cinema to see it. But will rent it on demand when it's available over here. It looked good to me from the trailer.
  6. Yep, some of them sounded pretty decent as well. Dropping a single is so easy nowadays as well.
  7. Music wise, definately. He didn't capatalize on the 2017 JJFP shows and Aladdin Soundtrack.
  8. We're still here Man. Just not a lot to say when there isn't any new music to talk about.
  9. I see it as though if instagram was a thing in 1999-2000. Will would be the most followed person in the world on it.
  10. I don't agree his career buzz is the highest since the 90s at all Ted. Most people under 25 don't care for him at all these days as an actor, and definately not at all as a rapper. it's a shame, but he has made some poor career choices in the last 10 years or so. If he was a realist and decided he wanted to release music on the down low just for the older heads and not make a song and dance about a big time release. then maybe just maybe. But i can't see that with Will :(
  11. Will won't release a new album. I have come to terms with that. More proper songs here and there would be nice though.
  12. Nice, not sure how open to the public this show will be considering it is 5 days away,. Hopefully some video comes from it.
  13. Two years have now passed. Shame Will never got the bug back from doing these shows.
  14. Nothing sells anymore. Unless your Ed Sheeran or Adele lol.
  15. I've downloaded. But not had a chance to listen yet. Something to spin on my lunch break.
  16. Will's got a nice run of films on the go. BB3 very shortly after as well
  17. I think i have lost the MP3 of from da south during PC transfers over the years. Infact could do with digging up a lot of the B-Sides again. Will check my library later. Such a tune, kinda gutted this wasn't done at the Blackpool show knowing that is was obviously one they would have smashed live.
  18. Great track, great to finally have some proper Hip Hop with a middle eastern vibe.
  19. Graham Norton show in the UK this passed weekend has hinted at music releasing this summer
  20. Ted you need to get with the times a little. Getting on a Logic album is better for Will's career than just collaborating with his peers. This is a good song. Embrace it.
  21. Bad Boys 4 Life will do well, although the budgets are usually mega high. Nostalgia is a big thing, and its the sort of movie you want to go cinema to see it. Bulking the cast out isn't a terrible idea. Martin and Will, will still be carrying the film.
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