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  1. Yep Eminem is overrated, but he has great talent in his own genre of Rap. Im just not really a big fan. I bought his 2nd album a few years back and thought it was alrite. But obviously I'll pick Big Will over him anyday
  2. I picked up a copy yesterday, one thing to point out how ace it is, was the fact its two discs with prodominantley the same tracks on. One thats mixed by Jeff & one thats just the tracks on there own un changed whihc is great. Cos obviously we want to hear Jeff's stuff on them but its also cool to own the originals. Its a great blend of modern day hiphop, modern day as in 90's onwards. Atleast this shows us rap isn't dead. Jeff also has his thankyou's in the booklet which is always cool to read. Kev
  3. Has to be Holla Back, what an ace Will Smith song. Guess i was lucky being in the UK and picking that up as soon as it was released, gotta be about 4 years ago now. Time goes too fast I also think From Da South was an ace song Kev
  4. Sorry to be off topic..... Don't worry buddy You'll catch the Euro 2004 final in the US im sure. I have family over in Florida and my sis was over there when England won the Rugby world cup last year and that was shown live. My cousin says they show highlights of Premier Legue matches over there too. Cummon England, and cummon you Spurs (We need points)
  5. I voted for Spiderman 2, because there is no point in us being biased on this one. Spiderman 2 has been a long time coming and will hugely popular. This poll shudnt really mean anything to me, as we don't celebrate your independance day obviously and films quite oftne get released later over here
  6. Hey julie, i remember that show top 10 rap thing you were on about, they showed some really rare Live stuff on JJ+FP from way back to about 1986/87 time doing a show in a small club. Wish i'd taped that. As for that Top 50 HipHop artists thing on Base, i think it was abit random posistion wise, but Run DMC were number one so that was cool And Tim obviously im gonna agree cos im English but it is probably true about the whole UK has respect for JJ+FP. Jeff comes over here a lot to tour compared with the rest of the world so i guess we are lucky. I was gutted tho last nite cos i saw an old friend who i havent seen for tow years from my old college, she said she'd seen Jeff live in Glasgow, Alrite for sum. Kev
  7. Prince wudnt be Jelous cos he's not got as cooler name lol. Prince is a legend, but so of course is our man Will. I can understand Will's annoyance especially with other celebs being sneaked in for free Kev Purple Rain (Classic)
  8. im 19 pushing 20, so no more teenage shenanigans for me :P
  9. Stuoidly Popular really meaning how amazing huge it was here and still is. Im Looking For The One wasn't really a big hit, infact other than Summertime and Will's solo stuff, nothing i don't think by JJ+FP made the top 20 chart. The UK chart is really well respected by Big Artists all over the world because it is 100% based on record sales alone, for your guaranteed to know what really is hot or not with the people
  10. Yeh Boom Shake The Room was stupidly popular in the UK, and near enuf all student clubs i go too play it and people still love it.
  11. Exactly, they really retired Run-DMC as a group out of respect for JMJ. You have to respect any groups descision on what they do if a member dies. Im sure AJ agrees, especially as TLC did the opposite but in just as respective way.
  12. This is getting quite an interesting topic, and i can understand everyones point of view. I believe, as i said several months ago that the next Will Smith album will probably be his last. Not to say he will not work in Music ever again cos we all know thats his life still, i just believe that times are changing and he'll know when to put down the mic. Lets just hope we get this album soon. A pure JJ+FP album would be amazing but i just can't see it happening however much i think the fans would want it. A few tracks or production from Jeff on the album would be great though.
  13. Have i missed out on getting hold of this song now? I've been away busy with uni for the last couple of weeks you see and the link only opens up a page cannot be found screen. Hope everyone is good, once i get used to the new forum im sure I'll be back to the regular posting ways. Take Care Kev
  14. Changing the subject allittle but it looks like i've missed a fair bit over the last few days i've been away from a computer. Well im here now, gonna take abit of getting used to the new forums tho. Speak to y'all again soon Kev
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