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  1. If ur recoridng doesn't come out well Da Brakes, I'll try and put up the MTV thing, or atleast the soundtrack to it.
  2. I know it sux, Trains suck. Travelling sux. Role on them performing at my house :thumb:
  3. Thats pretty impressive. Role on 2 million
  4. :switch: Have a good one dude, stay away from the socks. No more teenage shenanigans, Welcome to club 20 :switch:
  5. I'll post one up in abit and try and make it quite difficult. Then again if the last ones anything to go by, one of y'all will probably get them straight away
  6. I'd fly y'all out to England for a huge party in my hometown, and get Jeff to DJ and Will to perform. Shame we don't all live so locally, cos i can imagine you dudes being such party animals :switch:
  7. Now that is a toughy, Cos im a child of Rock aswell Its between Run DMC Beasties LostProphets
  8. I'm happy with beating 100 :dancingcool: Yeh a DVD would be ace, or atleast an MTV Live show or sumthing
  9. Well either way atleast its a tour, and who knows. If its succesful they might travel the globe. Congrats on beating the 1000 post mark.
  10. No doubt. I just hope if they come to UK they come somewhere else other than darn London
  11. Yo Da Brakes. One day when i finsih uni, and could afford to hire you for a film or sumthing, I'll give ya a call. Im working on a summertime video at the moment, its basically random clips of my summer with my friends doing different things. BBQ's, Parties, playing football, hanging out and stuff, and im gonna edit it along with a song. Summertime is definately my first choice, but i have a few others in mind. Arrested Development, Wyclef Jean, Len. I'll have some clips of friends miming the words too when i figure out what song im gonna use. If anyones got any ideas of a good song, or ideas for the video piece im more than welcoming suggestions. Kev
  12. I saw that, but they only showed the music video and tried to play it off as a performace for them. Cheeky beggers :nana:
  13. Yeh our aummer's been abit on the rainy side so far, but supposed to pick up all next week
  14. [quote=Da Brakes,Jul 28 2004, 08:51 AM]I've been on The Bill twice!! I was hijacking a bus the second time. William and Mary, Spooks. You probably seen me in the Phones 4U commercial where the 2 guys are in the changing rooms and one of them stuffs socks down his boxers and starts dancing in front of the mirror. I was the one stuffing the socks down my boxers!!! Alot of peeps have seen that advert!!![/quote] Oh my god dude, that was you. How ace. That was a funny ad.
  15. That is soo ace, i really hope i can go down.
  16. I guess with anything ZIggy makes, he's never gonna live up to his dad's success. But you can't blame him for not being able to. I can't judge him cos i've never heard his stuff
  17. Maybe, i don't think they'd be many ppl dumb enough to pretend to be them. I think we could probably tell anyway.
  18. Actually after reading the movie forum, maybe y'all do know, sorry
  19. I got this off MTV.com "Missy Elliott lent a hand to Christina Aguilera as she recorded her remake of yet another disco classic, Rose Royce's "Car Wash," for the upcoming movie "Shark Tale," which hits theaters October 1. The dynamic duo's joint is joined by tracks from Ziggy Marley and Sean Paul; Mary J. Blige, and Will Smith. The soundtrack is due September 27. ..." Kev
  20. Not long at all. See everyone its going by quicker than we thought. I guess cos for me this summer on a whole is going by pretty quickly. Anyone seen a sign of any video for it yet? Can't be long now.
  21. [quote=Da Brakes,Jul 28 2004, 12:35 AM]I'm also an actor!! Been on quite a few tv programmes and commercials here in the UK and I now understand the episode of The Bill i was in is going to be shown in Australia!! Watch out for me Tim!! Between jobs i work in a call center for NTL as a customer care representative![/quote] What shows/adverts have you been on dude, i might have seen some of your stuff before?
  22. Yeh I'll defo get a T-shirt. Make sure you know there's a big enough demand for them
  23. I'm a film & video student at university, but do part time work during the holidays for an agency that gets me different jobs. I also DJ once a Friday at my local pub/bar.
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