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  1. Yeh I'll defo get a T-shirt. Make sure you know there's a big enough demand for them
  2. I'm a film & video student at university, but do part time work during the holidays for an agency that gets me different jobs. I also DJ once a Friday at my local pub/bar.
  3. See thats what i thought. I am, as is everyone here among the biggest fans in the world, yet i did not buy Will Smith Greatest Hits. I own every studio album by JJ+FP & Will Smith and JJ+FP Greatest Hits & Platinum & Gold collection but there was absoloutley no point in me buying this album because i have all the songs anyway. I guess you cud say the same for the Platinum & Gold collection but atleast they were re-mastered. With a greatest hits you really wanna be able to sell it too the big fans aswell as the casual buyers.
  4. I just hasve a feeling that Jeff & Will visit this site. We know Jeff & Will are computer smart, and AJ and Tim have been in contact with them about the site. Im sure they would love to know on a regular basis what their old skool fans still think nowadays, and i bet are touched that there is a site for JJ+FP. I doubt they will eva post but im pretty sure they check the posts every now and then. So HI to Will & Jeff KevTastic
  5. It's being shown quite a lot in the UK already, unless we are a song behind you or something, "hop in the club" one.
  6. I see the wrestling fans comign thru now Its OKAY
  7. MallRats The Toxic Avenger American Pie series
  8. Well if its guaran-dam-teed. that makes me happier :) Cheers guys
  9. TQ's second album wasn't bad, but i guess the first album was the story of his life so he was kinda limited for his second album.
  10. Right let me get this straight. I don't know much about Basketball seeing as im from the UK, it isn't one of the biggest sports here. Players don't get bought for cash, they get traded? Surely that means swopped for another player. So im guessing that Shaq being a good player and all was traded for someone on a similar level. Unless there is money involved. Im a footy (Soccer) nutt and its foolish but some players get sold to other teams for upto £30 million which is probably around $50 million.
  11. [quote=Hero1,Jul 24 2004, 08:29 PM][quote=Hero1,Jul 23 2004, 08:57 PM] the gangsta rap wars and how hip hop and Eminem conquered America.  The five-part documentary concludes with the new moguls who have come to define "bling bling."[/quote] this sounds really wack!!! :bang: :bang: :cussing: :nono: [/quote] Yeh it does sound wack but its the truth of modern day hip-hop so they have to show it really.
  12. Julie, from Liverpool im sure you can get direct to Sheffield quite easily on the train, then there are trains every hour or so that go to London St Pancras station from there. I guess im kinda lucky cos i can grab a train from my hometown that goes straight to London. But i agree its just that travelling around London bit thats the worse, The underground is abit daunting
  13. I don't wanna get my hopes up and then be let down by thinkng Jeff will be on the new album for sure. The fact that we are getting a new album at all from Will is ace even if Jeff won't be on it, but we all wish he was going to be. It just sonds like Will's been working on all these tracks without Jeff and maybe it won't have him on the album. Unless of course they will be carrying on over the enxt couple of months recording more tracks togeva up unitl the release. Jeff & Will did perform togeva once b4 the release of Born To Reign but Jeff wasn't on the album. I just hope it doesn't work out the same way now with Jeff doing a few dates with Wil.
  14. Now thats a programme worth waiting to see. Hope its not too long til it broadcats on VH-1 in Europe
  15. Hey Julie, have an ace one. Scouser's know how to partay the best.
  16. Well if more than one us of us makes it choses to go down there let us know, we cud meet up
  17. I live slap bang in the middle of England, and only been to London a handful of times. Quite daunting really. Lets hope we all win.
  18. The ting is alot of us probably will download it, bu it wont stop me going out and buying it anyway, im just real eager to hear it. Im the type of guy who will download songs im gonna by anyway, or real hard to find B-sides or tracks that i just can't can't get hold of anywhere else, and you make thinki different but i think thats a good thing
  19. That was ace man, well written up mate, you really got a good feel of what im guessing it was like. Cheers
  20. what an incredible time you must have had
  21. you don't mean that "Big Will Crap" Of course most of us loved the JJ+FP stuff more but the fact that he's got a new album on the way anyway is good enough don't you think. Can't blame you for hoping tho, cos JJ+FP back togeva properly would be a dream come true for us all
  22. A pic like that can only mean good things
  23. The big stars usually turn up for the UK premiere's of films so i think he wil do. Who knows if he'll perform tho. Yeh i believe the film is out on the 6th
  24. Yes it is darn good. Well worth picking up cos you can get it dead cheap nowadays
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