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  1. I can understand what you mean. I havent really heard too much earlt LL, but he's an artist i've always thought about getting albums for, just never did. What would you say his best work was?
  2. I own them all, but it cost me a fair bit to get the first three. Kinda sad knowing all this but this is my JJ+FP journey Big Willie Style, spring 1998 JJ+FP Greatest Hits, summer 1998 Homebase, Xmas 1998 Code Red, Summer 1999 Rock The House, Summer 1999 And In This Corner, Summer 1999 Willenium, Autumn 1999 Born To Reign, Summer 2002 The Magnificent, Summer 2002 Platinum & Gold Collection Spring 2004 Hip Hop Forever 2, Spring 2004 Plus a few rare things & singles off ebay occasionally throughout
  3. Didn't A Boom Shake The Room Remix be made by The Outhere Brother's They were a dance group pretty big in the UK around the 1995 period?
  4. Yeh this one is ace. I downloaded all of these b-sides (I know some of y'all don't agree with downloading) about 2 years ago back when you could get pretty much any music off Audiogalaxy. This was before i got a CD-rewriter and i copied them all to tape. Apart from Don't Fight The Feeling tho.
  5. Is that the one where the chorus is just sang over and over. Its really chilled out? I'll download it if not, but otherwise I've got it.
  6. Word 2 was released on CD???? I got the vinyl, but never knew it came out on CD
  7. Ace, But i can stillsee this original 6 weeks being delayed abit, You know how things can be. Role on a month from now im guessing. Really gotta get time for the video to be out for a couple of weeks before the actual song does.
  8. The thing is a Will Smith album with DJ JazzyJeff on it at times is all we can ask for, and we'll all be very happy with that. They still are JJ+FP, doesn't matter on the name anymore
  9. You could make it into a game i guess, but too be honest games made on film's with Will in tend to be crud, which is a shame. In fact most games made on films are pretty bad. DOn't even get me started on films that come from computer games. Super Mario Bros & Tomb Raider anyone? Nah i didn't think so
  10. The Magnificent JazzyJeff Brand New Funk I'm Looking For The One Rhythm Trax (House Party Style) Summertime
  11. Yeh on the VHS still, i didn't bother putting them up as mp3's for the site cos i thought you'd prefer this one more. But if you all want it enough i will do. I know Jim defo wants to hear more
  12. I rate De La Soul, they were the most original rap group to come out when they did. I ahve their 1st album, still a classic and sounding fresh today 15years after its release. I also got their greatest hits cos i found it dead cheap somewhere. Go for it mate
  13. :switch: LETS GET THE PARTAY STARTED, lets hope the weather's better for you than it is is England right now.
  14. Well it wasn't a show like American Idol/Pop Idol at all It was more of a show where they all live in a house and write music togeva and stuff, so definately more respected as artists already. In fact JazzyJeff hooked up with one of the housemates during the show so he could perform with him whilst he was in London. I actually probably got that info from this forum. The show was called Fame Acadamy
  15. Probably made the best job out of it they could.
  16. Yeh i remember a similar thing being mentioned about his name on a Linkin Park record. Defo not the same guy
  17. Intersting write up. Has anyone seen her in anything else since 1993?
  18. Only eva heard Kanye's singles. He seems to have come out of nowhere in the mainstream, yet everyone wans to work with him. Im not gonna judge him cos as i said i've only heard his singles. Will be interesting to hear the collab between the two.
  19. yeh i can imagine that. Im a rocker too at heart. When i DJ down my local pub i play a good mixture of Rock and Hip-Hop and it goes down well with the crowd.
  20. Yeh, i guess dates will be put back, but atleast we know somethings coming. Im sure Will would like the vid to be aired at least 2 weeks before realising the song for maximum publicity, and since if i remember correctly that he's only just shooting it about now we may have to wait til the end of August/Beggining of September time.
  21. I actually find Hip-Hop & Rock music the easiest of genre's to mix dance moves with. Hard to explain, you'll be surprised by the amount of Rock fans i know who love old skool Hip-Hop and original newer Hip-Hop too.
  22. :rock: Hey UK peeps, Partay at Will's new pad. :switch:
  23. Thats cool, Cheers to Tim for being so patient with me. Im surprised at the audio quality too cos i took it from VHS tape to Mini-disc and then onto PC.
  24. Dizzee Rascal was performing on the TRL show Will was on so im guessing that's the reason
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