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  1. Yeh it was quite shocking. Im getting to that age where i've stop expecting so much of England in tournaments. The first proper tournament i watched them in was Euro 96 and we lost by penalties in that, penalties again in World Cup 98, and now in 2004 too. However hopefull i am we'll bounce back, who knows now
  2. My name is Kevin Tasker so KevTastic came from that somehow :P
  3. Greece do deserve it. They are a well oiled machine. Just with no star players. Its good for football on a whole that an outsider has won the tournament. Mkes the game more interesting for the future and makes all the bigger teams stand up and take note. Role on the World cup in 2006, mite be unpradictable aswell
  4. Big Willie style was consistantly a big seller for around a year. Mainly cos of the release of many singles. More people were buying the singles and they all did well so sooner or later more people are gonna think about buying the album. Willenium started off selling better in the UK cos he'd established himself by that point as a solo rapper, it made it to number 10 in the UK charts by its second week, BWS only made it to 11 at some point during its sales. I still don'tr understand why atleast one more single wasn't released off the album, surely they'd learnt that releasing another single would boost album sales again, its just the way it works. Still don't undertstand why you dislike Freakin It so much, yeh its the equivalent of Getting Jiggy Wit it on this album but its lyrically great. Listen to it right now again. Its one hell of a point he's putting across, with him saying how he is a good rapper and why. Something to show your doubting friends.
  5. Thats the problem with the music industry, Judging artists on their singles. We can't exactly say we havent done the same thing. I get put off artists cos of their singles that have been released but have heard and album of the same artist by a friend and actually enjoyed it. Its just the way things are. I believe Will, will be rapping about all the same things again, just in different ways and different contexts. 8 albums of the same stuff and we are not bored, well why not a ninth of similar stuff int erms of what he's rapping about anyway wouldn't be bad. Sorry bout the LL Cool J guessing of the age, i always thought he was alittle younger than Will. There you go bursting my bubble :P
  6. LL COOL J AINT 36. Do the math he came out in 85 when he was 16. Just alittle bursting of the bubble there
  7. Now im confusing myself. I think the advert i was thinking about was a coca cola advert. The beat did sound like the original but it wouldn't have been as hard to reproduce something very similar as the voice was. However KFC did use Summertime andvertising a new burger or something during a summer sometime.
  8. Well we have our first finalist in Portugal. Could the final game be the same fixture as the opeing game Portugal Vs Greece. Greece are the underdogs tommorow but they did beat both Portugal and France to get there.
  9. I'd have to agree about whoever wins tonight will win the whole thing, but this tournament has been so unpradictable im not so sure. Im supporting the Dutch all the way now.
  10. Something allittle off topic i guess, but a couple of years ago KFC (in the UK anyway) did an advert with the song Boom Shake The Room playing over it. However it wasn't actually Will rapping but someone else who obviously was there to sound like Will. Not that this is particularly related to this topic i just thought I'd say
  11. Thats cool man, i just get passionate about footy. Kinda sad really
  12. Yeh, sorry for getting angry. I wasn't actually getting at you. The next games not until Wednesday when its Holland & Portugal. It all ends this sunday but a few days after that The Copa America starts.
  13. Im usually free most evenings GMT from 6pm til relatively late at night. I believe GMT is around 5 hours ahead of time in the US.
  14. Calling us Arrogant is quite harsh i think. I don't think we were being arrogant at all. We have a good team and one of the best in the tournament and there is nothing wrong with belief in your home team. Maybe if Scotland qualified for tournaments more often you'd feel the same way. Sorry to sound bitchy but this is how arguments start with you saying things like that.
  15. As far as i know its available at all stores nationwide. The one i visited was in Derby but they have it at my other hometown of Kettering
  16. How can you say Beckham's not a star anymore just cos he's a missed a couple of penalties. He's still the most famous football player in the world today. France are out too now. Times are changing, the big names don't always perform anymore. Role on the World Cup in 2006, its gonna be an interesting tournament I hope Holland go on to win Euro 2004 now.
  17. All i can say is gutted about England last night They went out 6-5 on Penalties to Portugal after the match ending in a 2-2 draw after extra time. We also had a goal dissaloud for what i saw as no reason what so ever.
  18. I made a slight mistake there actually, it was in the VIRGIN MEGASTORE sale. Went in so many music shops that day i got mixed up. Yeh i know, i was shocked when i saw it at that price. Maybe it'll sell a few more copies though which is nice. My buddy got Willenium in Virgin in 2001 for £3.99 so its good that even his bigger selling albums make the sales.
  19. Yeh dude, have a good time and i hope it all goes well for you. It'll probably be a good life experience for you. All the best
  20. On the off chance that anyone on this board from the UK doesn't own a copy of Born To Reign, there is no need not to now as it is at the stupidly good and bargain price of £2.99 in the HMV sale. Kev
  21. Confirmation of the 3rd and final games of the group stages GROUP A Russia 2-1 Greece Spain 0-1 Portugal GROUP B Croatia 2-4 England Switzerland 1-3 France GROUP C Italy 2-1 Bulgaria Denmark 2-2 Sweden GROUP D Holland 3-0 Latvia Germany 1-2 Czech Republic So the Quarter Finals look like this June 24th PORTUGAL Vs ENGLAND June 25th FRANCE Vs GREECE June 26th Holland Vs Sweden June 27th Czech Republic Vs Denmark England are now second favourites behind France
  22. Yep it was an ace game, and defo best so far. Confirmation of second matches in the group stages GROUP A Greece 1-1Spain Russia 0-2 Portugal GROUP B England 3-0 Switzerland Croatia 2-2 France GROUP C Bulgaria 0-2 Denmark Italy 1-1 Sweden GROUP D Latvia 0-0 Germany Holland 2-3 Czech Republic Tonights games are Russia Vs Greece & Spain Vs Portugal. The tournament really heats up now that the deciding teams will go through to the knockout stages within the next few days
  23. England only really need a draw against Croatia on Monday to go through, unless of course Switzerland beat France more than 5-0 but i can't see that happening. Its all about Wayne Rooney
  24. Ja Rule worse than Nelly Don't paricularly like Nelly either but i just think his style is slightly more original than Ja Rule's (Where's my throat drops) style
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