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  1. Just curious really. I have one that i started up about 3 years ago when i was in 6form college about me and my friends film crew. We aren't proffesional or anything but the website has become since I've left college 2 years ago an important thing of memories for me and some of the best times of my life. Who said the internet was all bad. the address is if anyone wants to check it out [url="http://www.geocities.com/sensiblemomproductions"]http://www.geocities.com/sensiblemomproductions[/url] be cool to see some of yours if any of you have made one before. Kev
  2. Well im guessing its ur 18th then. Yeh make the most of it. Hope you have a good birthday week, and keep the PARTAY alive Welcome to the board. Kinda abit late now seeing as u've been posting your arse off already :switch: KevTastic
  3. Yeh sorry its abit late dude, hope it was ace. :switch:
  4. Got to number 2 here in the UK and stuck around for a while during that summer of 99. Maybe Big Will's biggest solo hit over here apart from MIB
  5. Well that can't be a bad thing for us English fans
  6. well as soon as its finished being edited it can be a short as a week. If its a full on video tho, cud take a while to edit.
  7. Yeh, i remember, i just never used it. Cool idea tho
  8. Wasn't Warren G like Dre's cousin or something. I lost allittle respect for him when he worked with pop twit Peter Andre on a song. I guess most of you won't know who he is but the UK peeps shud. I guess everyone has a bad moment in music.
  9. So David, How many Hits have you knocked out?
  10. I guess not quite as confident with the slight change in style and trying out new things
  11. exactly, corny in todays standards, and the fact they milked it all the way through the 80's when there were tons of better machines around at the time. I still loved mine to bits tho. Go down the Market every couple of weeks and get a new game for £2
  12. I go back further, Atari VCS (2600) anyone, now they were corny but classic machines.
  13. Their second album was recorded at Battery Studio's in London, but that place doesn't exist anymore. I have some friends however who are in a band who were recording down in London recently and in one of the toilets they had a platinum plaque up for He's The DJ I'm The Rapper. Turns out that one of the guys who used to work at Battery moved to this studio.
  14. Yeh watching some of the fans during the performance of summertime on MTV it seemed they wernt really into it too much. Maybe i was wrong, cos i guess Da Brakes and Fresh Princess can tell us otherwise but i've seen better crowds before.
  15. talking bout classic computers from the 80's. I just bought myself a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) off ebay. I use to have one as a kid but it broke so it'll be ace getting one back again. Can't beat abit of Super Mario Bros 3.
  16. I'm sure when dates are announced we'll be the first to know
  17. If it was anyone in reality, it'd probably be someone who sgined up and left about 2 messages and just hasn't returned since. Just keeps scouting out what we are saying
  18. Yeh them lyrics at the start of that video version are from the song New Kid's On The Block. I own it on a pretty rare vinyl i got off ebay. AJ seeing as you've probably got the best knowledge on this, was that song ever released on CD on some obscure foreign import?
  19. Don't you agree, pretty much out of the blue in the last 2 months we have found out soo much good news involving JJ+FP, from new tracks 2geva to some possible tour dates, its like " What more could we ask for" Lets really make the most of it. BTW, i shud have something special for you guys to put up on the forum soon. or atleast someone here to do it on my behalf. Everythings KevTastic
  20. You've come back at a good time. Lots going on JJ+FP wise now
  21. i also forgot to mention but on the TRL show, Will got asked a question about touring over here, and he said hopefully shud be back over here a month to 6 weeks after the single is released. So if it looks like he's touring UK then im sure He'll be touring many other places. GREAT NEWS
  22. MTV let us down abit by only showing little amounts of the performance. I was quite shocked to here them do Girls Aint Nothing but Trouble tho in the background when people on the red carpet were being interviewed. Alot of famous people were showing their love for Will.
  23. Gonna tape MTV 2nite cos i got a footy match, Radio one usually puts up its shows for you to listen to later so we'll defo have to catch it sometime Julie, Moyles is a funny guy and i think it'd be quite a funny show with Will on it too
  24. This must be abit late for anyone whose going tonight, but i heard on Radio 1 this morning that Will Smith will be performing privately to a small group of fans. I don't know what this means exaclty but maybe its only for the people who were lucky enough to get tickets for the actual film premier and competition winners etc.
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