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  1. It really is amazing how many new things we still get found after all these years.
  2. Yeh Italy Denmark wasn't a great match. Too much hype running up to it ruined it i guess. Just watched the Germany, Holland game. Im glad Holland got a goal back, not a huge Van Nistelrooy fan but i like the dutch better that then Germans when it comes to style of football. All the first games from the groups have been played now, starting tommorow it really starts to hot up Can't wait for the England Vs Switzerland game on Thursday.
  3. PS I bet AJ and other regular peeps from the US are thinking what all the hype of this tournament is about. FOOTBALL (SOCCER) THE WORLDS MOST POPULAR SPORT
  4. Lets see how 2mora's game goes first Germany don't have a strong team on paper, but tend to do well on the big stage so we'll see. I really like the fact that this tournament is so opne for alot of teams chances of winning. France may be strong faves but England proved yesterday that goals can be scored against them. They went over a year without conceding a goal and thats a pretty good clean sheet to keep
  5. Knowing a players style isn't gonna help you when it comes to penalties. Beckham's shot was not bad but not his usual technique of taking penalties. I give props to Barthez for saving the penalty though, it was a great reaction save. One highlight of last night was i got my photo taken and interviewed for my local newspaper after the game on what i thought and it was in todays issue, shame it was for the wrong reasons. Just watched the Sweden Vs Bulgaria game. I tell ya Sweden have come along way since 2002 world cup. Well more in the sense of their style, they seemed a very fast team and direct. Looking forward to Germany Vs Holland tommorow, thats the next biggest game of the group stages so far after the England France game.
  6. I got the album today, and although i've only listened to it a few times i think its ace. There are some great old skool hiphop moments in the album Stand Out tracks include .RIGHT RIGHT NOW NOW, a great message to the American government .TRIPLE TROUBLE, sampling Rappers Delight to cool effect and sounding classic .OH WORD, electro breakbeat style, pretty dam ace and cool style of rapping DJ MixMasterMike also cuts his way to great effect in this album too. Its a pretty nifty album, and its good to hear the old skool getting some recognition in todays music world. Bit of incentive for Will maybe finding now is the time to release his new material. Kev
  7. loosers maybe abit harsh, We really deserved to win last night. Role on Thursday's game now, we can pick ourselves up again and meet France in the final to prove we can beat them. We hnever have that little bit of luck tems need.
  8. Well fair enough seeing your German. What a fued our countries have on the pitch. 5-1 Back Of The Net,
  9. I'll have to disagree with the fact you think England are too defensive. We have 2 defensive centre backs yeah but the left and right backs Ashley Cole & Gary Neville are quite attacking players, as for the midfield they are all attacking players who can score from distance. Strikers wise, Owen will pull through as he always does at major tournaments, and i think Rooney will thrive on the pressure of someone his age. If we can pull off a draw or a win in our first game against France we can go all the way. I'll shut up now cos i could talk all day about football THREE LIONS ON MY SHIRT
  10. The Artist/Rapper A+ He had a relatively big hit called Enjoy Yourself here in the UK back in like 99 and i never heard from him since, i think he was quite a young guy at the time, maybe late teens. Not sure if it was a hit in the US but it was a pretty cool party track with some classical music sampled in it which was quite original. Anyone heard anymore of his stuff or know if he's still around? Kev
  11. The Beastie Boys are one of my fave groups, and their new single took time but has grown on me, can't wait for their new album. As for them not being anything anymore, thats rubbish, its just so cool for the rap scene and music industry in general that a bunch of guys who im guessing are knocing on the age of 40 quite soon are still cool and looked upto by the youth. Another reason whilst Sony made the mistake of letting Will go when he was 33. You guys have also gotta realise that the Beastie Boys started off as a punk-hardcore group in New York in the Early 80's which is one of the reason's their music is so varied. "May the old skool continue to run ragged on todays music scene"
  12. Yeh it was cool seeing the full length intro for the first few episodes of the show, shame they didn't extend it to the total full lenght of the song of 3minutes ish tho. I guess that maybe a little too long for a TV intro tho
  13. DITO, Happy Birthday dude, Us GEMINI's We Rule
  14. Thanks everyone, can't believe I've turned 20. Not many pressies this year, but as you get older they get less and less. I did however get a cool rare Beastie Boys EP from my sis which was cool. Thanks again for the birthday messages, the nights still young, im gonna be off out for a few birthday drinks later with some friends, shame its a Monday but oh well. KevTastic
  15. Very close to being in my twenties (Birthday 2moro wooo!) I don't listen to the albums as often as i used to, maybe because my collection has grown. I started buying music properly back in 1997 so Big Willie style & JJFP Greatest hits were among my first albums i owned, byt summer 99 i had all of them. My fave still remains He's The DJ.... i still find the 80's style amazing to listen too, Hip Hop has never been beatne since which is a shame. Plus back whent that album was made Will was the same age as me which is pretty scary to think really what he'd accomplished in his lfe by that age. Willenium is still ace tho, and i still occasionally listen to the others, just depends on how much spare time i have which seems to get less and less as the years head on
  16. You'd think he'd mention the music, yeh Tim, btw i got that MP3 done for ya, i'll defo get it sent for the weekend, I finally finished Uni for the year, wooo! Now the Summertime can start for me, we are actually having lovely weather here in the UK, well for now anyway. Its my 20th birthday next Monday and no doubt it'll be raining again by then Kev
  17. Its always depends on the situation. 1. if your performing a song line your gonna be practiced it a few times first and then you'll remember. 2.Singing along to music helps you remember the words (if you try and recite Summertime lyrics from start to end in your head its a lot harder than if the CD is on and your singing along to it) 3. If you write a song your more likely to remember it. My sisters the singer of a Rock band who have had 2 albums out which i know is know where near as many as Will but i wonder how she remembers her words all the time and she says because she writes them they get drilled into your head.
  18. It seems like everyones agrreing that time goes too fast. And im just the same, When i left school at 16 in 2000 my life got so much better, i mean school was never that bad looking back now but at the time it seemed pants. I went to college then for 2 years and since i've left in summer 2002 things havent been as fun. Uni's not bad nut it was never as fun as college, when your between 16 & 18 is great cos your kinda like and adult but don't have too many responsibilities to worry about. Now im nearly 20 living in a house and going to uni having to worry about bills and work and stuff. Bring back the good old days
  19. Im hoping it'll start soon, maybe when the summer hols start they'll put some new whows on Trouble. As for getting it on Terrestrial TV, i wont count on that for upto a few years. My Wife & Kids maybe a relatively new show but they are showing the fourth series on Trouble now and only just started with the first on BBC. It seems longer and longer nowadays that shows from the US get shown on UK Terrestrial channels.
  20. Yeh i know. But we'll leave them to it, im not gonna diss Eminem cos he's talented in his own way, but if it was true the fans on the forum shud just deal with it, Em wudnt let Will be involved if he wasn't up for the job. And if we found out someone like Eminem or 50 cent was gona help produce on Will's new album, yeh we'd be abit shocked and confused but we'd be happy knowing that the album is coming along and respect Will's descision for input form outside sources like them. Dam i go on abit, and i even believe its a complete load of Tosh that Will wud be involved in Em's album
  21. I think Will sed those things about Boom mainly cos he's grown up and changed alot since then. To me that song is a cool party track but has no important meaning to it. I guess Will likes his songs that mean something more personal to him or whatever. As for The Eminem thing, well im glad its all over in a way. There's too many feuds in rap already over something silly so why wud we want more.
  22. I very much doubt it but who knows. Eminem is quite a good producer himself nowadays and he's got the legendary Dr Dre behind him for back up so i doubt Will would be involved.
  23. My friends a Linkin Park fan and played me that track to see what i thought. I think they are actually on about another DJ called JazzyJay who started off allitlle beforw JJ+FP got famous.
  24. Since about 98 when i bought Big Willie Style and then Greatest Hits JJFP when that got released, so about 6 years, dam time goes fast
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