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  1. I'm sure the D12 track they do pick will be kid friendly. Within reason of course. Unless any of you know that the song they are using isn't?
  2. MTV love Will Smith, so i would be surprised if there were no nominations at the 2005 show
  3. The Rock is the next king of action flicks, as far as big bulky fighter looking dude's go.
  4. Just saw a clip of one of the shows, with Jeff cutting up Busta Rhymes & P Diddy's pass the courvoisier (or however you spell it). Pretty dam ace He also said in an quick interview clip how He's working with Will again and they were talking about how much they'd achieved in their lives and how he's really enjoying life at the moment.
  5. Funny stuff dude, was only about a year ago that was on the air right? You'll have to let us know in advance when your next gonna be on something. And that episode of The Bill, Was it quite a recent one? As in over the last couple of years.
  6. I mite check that out over the weekend. Since the darn Tottenham Vs Liverpool match is on Prem Plus and i don't have that so that free's up more weekend TV time :thumb:
  7. No i would be shocked :eek4: Did he honestly say he'd move onto Kids Movies, I'd always thought he'd go into more serious drama's or comedies but not really kid's movies. Maybe some family films.
  8. Doesn't have to be that sort of rock, as in heavy metal (Im a rocker and my dancing to that and Hip-Hop music is very similar) Will has the got the voice for a certain kind, just needs to be in your face like Just Rockin and BSC. A whole album of Rcok/Rap songs wouldn't be a great idea but experimenting with a few wouldn't be a bad idea. I'd guess with the 40 plus songs he's made there are one or two guitar influenced trax out of them.
  9. Definately playing this one when i DJ Friday night.
  10. That's cool, im just saying how your my age (20) and it'd be interesting where all the 30+ year old fans of JJ+FP are?
  11. Tim totally rocks the body that rocks the partay :P
  12. That is pretty dissapointing. Although the Nelly Furtado & Q-Tip collab sounds quite interesting. Don't let this get us down WE GOT A BIG WILL & JAZZY ALBUM COMING ALONG REMEMBER.
  13. I dunno, i think some guitar in a track like Just rocking would go really well. Run DMC perfected this in the mid 80's 1984-Rock Box 1985 King Of Rock 1986 Walk This Way And how can you say they aren't pure Hip-Hop. Maybe worth experimenting with if its Will's scene
  14. These recent polls have shown us that most of the people got inot JJ+FP thru Will Smith's late nineties musical comeback. Which makes me think where are the peeps who were into JJ+FP from the start, i know we have a few in AJ and Tim etc, but where are all the other original JJ+FP fans? Is it they are not good with computers or what?
  15. [quote=mfuqua23,Aug 11 2004, 02:40 PM]Why shouldn't it be Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince??? Jeff produces Jazzy hip hop or R&B tunes. Will keeps "his charm". Fresh was just a word back in the day. He could redefine himself now. Fresh is something new. And to a lot of rappers that know nothing of the sorts, 4 them it will be something new.[/quote] Its not a matter of why shouldn't it? Cos i don't think it would matter what they called the name. Its just most likely prodominantely Will Smith trax and not all with Jeff. It also makes things a lot easier on the promotion side of things. Will & Jeff will not always be available as a duo for tour dates and Tv appearances cos Jeff's got other things going on, so this way it'l make it that extra special when he doesn appear with Will.
  16. Yeh i was gonna say that Julie, its gotten popular again thanx to that episode, and the one where they are behind the scene's and the cast are dancing to it
  17. It's kinda cool that since really JJ+FP released their final proper duo album in 1993, we bought all these albums in the later half of the nineties and onwards.
  18. interesting. Its just i sure i saw a CD a several years ago before my JJ+FP craze which was aremix CD of Boom Shake The Room and was put togeva by them
  19. KevTastic's become my nickname, and my DJ name. I've even got it put on the back of my new Footy shirt. It comes from my full name, Kevin Tasker Everything's KevTastic
  20. The whole rap at the beggining of that video is from this song
  21. Yeh that's a good point, and does happen a lot. Still the release of the single may still, and probably be best being delayed abit for publicity reasons, shame but its probably best for it.
  22. I guess i was lucky getting hold of them when i did tho, i was soo happy 5 years ago this sumemr when i found all their lder albums in one store at the same time, i cudn't resist
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